Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Left Sends a Strong Message to Rogue Billionaires

Let’s be honest. The left’s execution of their grand scheme to break down America and re-invent it in the image of a typical third-world single-party dictatorship has been brilliant.

Putting our sadness and anger aside, one can only express awe and admiration at the patience leftists displayed while slowly and stealthily infiltrating every major institution that holds influence over U.S. public policy. Somehow, they were able to radicalize the media, academia, law enforcement and the judicial system right under our noses, and they made sure that anyone who called attention to the subterfuge was quickly silenced and discredited.

In essence, as the multi-decade plot unfolded in increments that were so small they were hardly noticed, for all intents and purposes, we were the proverbial frogs in a pot of water brought to a boil.

A Rogue Element Arises

Still, in every grand scheme there is always the chance of a rogue element emerging, and in 2015, the consummate outlier rode the elevator down to the lobby of Trump Tower in New York and declared his candidacy for President of the United States.

Initially, the left was certain Donald Trump would be ridiculed and mocked, which he was. They also counted on the Republican party to deal with the dullard, and so they were completely unprepared when Trump won the nomination. By the time the left recovered, it was too late, and although they were somewhat effective in blocking his ability to govern, Trump inflicted severe damage to their stealth destroy America campaign.

Most importantly, Trump yanked the curtain away, and for the first time, we all saw Oz without the camouflage. The ugliness of the leftist movement was laid bare, and we were presented with irrefutable evidence of the radical Grand Design, and the depths the left would sink to in order to achieve their ends.

The Mobilization of 2020

From inauguration day 2017 forward, seething leftists vowed to make sure nothing like the Trump phenomenon would ever happen again. Throughout the intervening three years, they worked tirelessly to change voting laws and rules in key battleground states to eliminate the scale of fairness and ensure the outcome they wanted. This included ballot harvesting, resisting attempts to verify voter eligibility, unwillingness to verify signatures on mail in ballots, ghost people voting and allowing votes to be cast after legal deadlines. Additionally, we experienced the odd phenomenon of key Democratic jurisdictions dragging out the vote counting process for days or weeks, only to inexplicably find enough votes to guarantee victory for their candidates.

Once the threat of a second term for Trump was thwarted in a rigged (allegedly) election, they set about making sure no one else would unexpectedly threaten their agenda.

In modern politics, major candidates for national office emerge in two ways. Traditionally, a person with political ambitions rose through the party ranks, earning the support of the big money donors, whose interests the candidate would champion when elected.

The people who typically choose our candidates for us are known as the “donor class,” and Trump forced them out of the shadows during the 2016 Republican debates. No one knew them better, because, as Trump admitted, he was one of them. Trump may have been roundly booed by the debate audience, but the voters watching on TV were enraged, and the cat was out of the bag. Finally, we understood why every Republican candidate from 1988 to 2012 was a clone of George Bush Sr. They all were beholden to the donor class.

In 2015, a second kind of presidential candidate appeared: the billionaire. Unbeholden to anyone due to extreme net worth, a billionaire candidate can express his views without fear of losing the support of the donor class because he really doesn’t need their money. Donald Trump, with a net worth between two and ten billion dollars, fit the profile perfectly, and when he began advocating on behalf of the American people, Republicans and the overseers in the leftist movement, finally understood the severity of the threat.

Weaponization of the Legal System

The challenge for the left was to devise a plan to thwart candidates with so much money they couldn’t be influenced by Deep State directives. Leftists understood that the only way to discourage this kind of formidable opposition candidate was to set an example by unleashing the full fury of the United States justice system and its unlimited resources on Trump. They knew a strong message must be sent before other billionaires decided to intervene in the purposeful destruction of America.

We watched the left develop and refine the strategy during a number of politically motivated trials leading up to 2024. While those who plotted a silent coup against a sitting president were never prosecuted, or even lost their jobs for that matter, the DOJ filed numerous lawsuits against Trump associates, including Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and several others. In nearly every case, the charges were related to process crimes, like failing to register as a foreign agent. You know, the same thing Hunter Biden did but was never charged with.

Like the January 6th prosecutions, the purpose of pursuing these enemies of the state was to reenforce the idea that if you present a threat to the left, you will be ruined financially and may go to jail.  

However, the question remained: Would this strategy work against a billionaire?

In the recent decision handed down by Justice Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court, Donald Trump was ordered to pay $364 million in fines to the state for a “crime” based on an obscure statute and a case that had no victim. The number jumps to $453 million when pre-judgment interest is factored in. Coupled with the insane $83 million judgement in the bizarre E. Jeanne Carrol defamation case, Trump is looking at the potential of paying over half a billion dollars in court-related fines and judgements.

Forbes has Trump’s net worth listed as $2.6 billion, but the New York Attorney General’s office estimated its closer to $4.5 billion. He may have as much as $400 million in cash and equivalents. In order to appeal, Trump will likely have to put up 10% of the penalty in cash and use his properties as collateral to obtain a security bond. In some quarters, it’s believed that Trump may be forced to post the full amount from his own funds.

Coupled with the three-year ban on doing business in New York, the left’s strategy is crystal clear. They hope to break Trump financially, but more importantly, convey clearly to any other billionaires with contrary views what they will face if they decide to run for president.

Are you listening Vivek Ramaswamy and Elon Musk?

Ramaswamy, who was in the pharmaceutical business of all things, caught a whiff of what was in store for him had he become a more viable threat to the left. After an unexpected spike in the presidential preference polls, stories emerged detailing a lawsuit against him from former employees, who claimed he pressured them into violating security laws. There was also some discussion in the leftist media about his advocacy for an experimental “breakthrough” Alzheimer’s drug that caused his company’s stock to soar just prior to Ramaswamy selling. Later, it was learned that the drug failed its clinical trials.

You don’t think leftist prosecutors could find a very expensive civil, maybe even criminal, lawsuit in there somewhere?

Musk has even more liability because he makes cars. That means he could literally be sued anywhere in the country by a consumer group, the DOJ, the NHTSA or any state prosecutor’s office. He’s already embroiled in lawsuits over his Tesla compensation package, Twitter takeover and discrimination and harassment at SpaceX. Can you imagine his exposure if the DOJ decides he is an active threat to the woke left?

No one can say with certainty how Trump’s legal saga will end since it’s just really getting started. He still has the insurrection, documents and election interference cases pending. However, to any billionaire out there who thinks he’s going to buck the Deep State, I might think again. Remember, you may be filthy rich, but you’re facing an entity that has unlimited resources and a rabid, irrational dedication to the cause.