Sunday, April 14, 2024

Regarding Ukraine Aid, Never Interrupt Your Enemy When It Is Making a Mistake

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is hanging himself.”

That’s actually how the saying grew on me.

Regardless, this is one central maxim to ancient Chinese military general Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which is a battle plan many of us believe Trump has been implementing since day one of his candidacy and probably even before when he began surveying the pulse of the American base. The book of war principles is still relevant and incredibly useful in attaining victories in any aspect of life.

General Michael Flynn has often brought it up in his talks. In the scope of political gamesmanship, we believe it is an intrinsic tool employed, whether that be consciously or subconsciously.

Certainly, Eastern war philosophy like the Chinese’s are more in line with such silent patience than America’s, which is one reason why everyday Americans have not noticed the war being waged against us right under our noses for decades.

As added appeal, this very article about House Speaker Mike Johnson possibly playing the slow game concerning more aid to Ukraine was being planned and drafted on Friday right in the midst of another breaking story coming out of Russia–the death of Alexey Navalny. It was a story that was forced down our throats all day on Friday by enemy No. 1 of all Americans—-the US government-media propaganda machine.

Their overplay could very well be the tell here, along with the fact that it was a part of such a conjoined cluster of stories coming out of Russia, starting with the Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview two Thursdays ago. So on Friday, as the Navalny story broke and broke some more, I redirected from the one you are reading now and wrote a piece on “the tell” instead. Here is a part of it:

But the point here is the tell, just like in the game of poker, the media is giving us. And that tell is the sudden cluster of these three stories all at once–anchored by the latest push for billions of dollars supposedly going to Ukraine.

All of a sudden, the CIA stumbles upon a “Russian nukes in space!” thing right before they need to push more Ukraine aid and now a Russian adversary connected to British MI6 dies just a day later? And all of this during a week when the US House Speaker is being called Moscow Mike for scoffing at the latest attempt to rob Americans of their hard-earned dollars in the name of Ukraine?

What are the chances?

We think you know what the chances are. It all has become so obvious, and it is high time every single citizen in America realize how fake and embarrassing everything they say is. With most stories, including this convergence of three, it is a safe play to distrust them at first, to assume everything they say is a set-up for some other nefarious end they have in mind, and to let the narrative breathe a bit to allow the public conversation to emerge from the noise. Do that, and you will typically, if not always, be correct in your assessments. That’s where we are at this point–an emotionless glance at what the media shouts from the rooftops is the first step toward knowing what the truth actually is.

The Deep State is clearly desperate to maintain funding for Ukraine. The entire front they’re presenting seems to be yet another fake one built on a predetermined agenda, a telos, just like everything else they do. They are deploying all assets in their propaganda machine in a wild attempt to reignite political and public support for yet another never-ending war.

They need the court of public opinion to advance their evil purposes. There is a panic here that was not perceptible for the decades before Americans started waking up under the Trump presidency. If the Deep State were in charge, they wouldn’t be moving so swiftly, so visibly in the public’s notice. They wouldn’t be clustering their bullets so closely and clumsily. They are as vulnerable as they’ve ever been, and now is the time for our own public opinion to denounce this latest attempt to emotionally manipulate us in the name of a virtue they don’t even extend to their own citizens.

Teleology, to give special place to the telos or “final cause” of each thing. It’s the right play here.

I won’t provide much contextual material as I typically do in many of my articles; I will let the above linked article provide any evidence you may desire. This piece is a first cousin to that one anyway.

Of course the Left is losing their minds yet again over “Moscow Mike” as they are calling Speaker Johnson, all of a sudden becoming bastions of virtue concerning the southern border when they had their ample chances under Trump, when Biden can very well do whatever he deems necessary to protect the Southern border. Not surprisingly, the “Moscow Mike” crowd ignores all of that.

But one of their voices actually blasted Johnson in a recent article in a way that illustrates a possibility I am throwing out there in this piece. The very first paragraph reads as follows:

When House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) insisted in October 2023 that a border bill be passed in exchange for aid to Ukraine, he never expected to pass immigration legislation. After months of fruitless effort in immigration negotiations, it is clear Johnson’s goal was to prevent the House of Representatives from voting on Ukraine aid. So far, he has succeeded.

I’m not saying I necessarily agree. But I do think it is interesting food for thought to consider this paragraph’s words in a positive–and highly intriguing–light.

Has Johnson been playing both sides of the Ukraine aid battle in order to extend this narrative long enough for the American people to see the corruption and desperation involved in those who want to funnel more wasted funds there, where it will die in the hands of billionaire oligarchs or turn right back around and line the pockets of congressmen and defense contractors here?

What some people would call dirty politics may just be a smart play from a man who could very well be part of that potential force for good I keep mentioning in my work. And that smart play would be right in line with how ancient warfare is fought, including how other nations have slowly but surely infiltrated our own US government. To defeat the slow infiltration, perhaps one has to reverse its course in equal measure and style.

At the time I was drafting this article (before the aforementioned one I put out last weekend), my premise was going to be the absurd bill from the Senate, one that both of our illustrious Louisiana senators voted for. I want to mention it only briefly here. From Scott McKay:

It pains me to say it in the case of John Kennedy, of whom I’m a fan, but when both of Louisiana’s senators come up for re-election – in Bill Cassidy’s case in 2026 and in Kennedy’s case in 2028 – a changing of the guard is in order.

Why? Because of that awful $95 billion monstrosity both Kennedy and Cassidy voted for that the corrupt Washington establishment is doing everything it can to force through the House over the objections of the two senators’ fellow Louisianan, Speaker Mike Johnson.

It is absurd not only because of the price tag, but also because it will never get approval in the House. The Deep State element inside the US government–and it is a substantial one–has grown clumsy in its desperation to keep their crimes out of public notice and to keep the money flowing to their masters. They are so shameless in their corruption that I and others are raising the question if they are even in charge of their truly foolish moves. Foolish, because lately–and this also relates to alllllll the attacks on Trump–even previously unengaged Americans are coming to recognize it. This whole crisis will probably not be settled outside of the peace table, and it is equally probable there won’t be any meaningful changes until the next administration is back in the White House anyway.

It is one perspective to add to your developing thought process: I am coming to recognize the establishment’s transgressions growing more and more sloppy, and I offer an invitation to you to do the same. These are becoming major victories in themselves, because it is the court of public opinion that must wake up en masse if true justice is to come anyway. That is certainly happening this year and this week with ‘RUSSIA!’ again. The plainness of it all is also necessary to wake people up to pay attention to the November 2024 election theft that is bound to happen, barring some other shenanigans by the Deep State. Whether or not Speaker Johnson is being purposeful in his slow-play politics, it is undoubtedly providing time for the exposure to the American people of more and more snakes in the swamp. It is a safe play to follow his lead in this, and applaud our enemy-morons for continuing to hide in plain sight. That is the art of war.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.