Friday, April 12, 2024

Biden’s Support with Younger Voters is now on the Verge of Collapse

Abraham Lincoln famously stated that you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but leaders can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The current President’s coalition, which is essentially the same as Obama’s coalition, is built largely around white liberals, moderate democrats, a significant portion of the black vote, and younger progressives. Younger voters historically turn out in lower numbers, but this demographic was a key part of Biden’s coalition in 2020, making up nearly 8% of his overall vote tally in the last presidential election. Joe Biden is thought to have received nearly 65% of the votes cast by the people aged 18 to 24 based on exit polls.

This is why recent polls and the results of the Democratic Primary in Michigan are so important. Even though Biden obviously won the uncontested Michigan primary, over 100,000 voters in the democratic primary who voted uncommitted. Michigan’s youth turnout in 2022 was the highest in the nation, and most these voters turned out for Democrats. A poll also showed that nearly 30% of the people who voted uncommitted in Michigan were younger Democrats, and a recent Axios-Generation Lab poll showed that Biden’s lead over Trump with voters under the age of 35 is just 4 points, 52 to 48 percent.

The two issues that are hurting the incompetent current president’s support with younger voters are the left’s concerns over what they call climate change, and Biden’s handling of the current war between Hamas and Israel. The President is trying to have it both ways. Even though Biden has not cut aid or support to Netanyahu, and the recent resolution the US introduced to the UN Security Council was favorable to Israel, the current administration is trying to placate younger voter concerns about the Palestinians with a serious of empty statements. Kamala Harris recently gave a speech where she called for a cease fire, and she also did an interview where she suggested that Israel should not invade Rafah, which is the last stronghold where Hamas is thought to have currently relocated to. Harris didn’t say if the administration would take any action against Netanyahu and the Israeli government if Israel invaded this part of the West Bank.

The second issue where Biden has been losing support with younger voters is because of his recent decisions on energy. The current administration recently approved the Willow Project, a massive oil and gas development that some on the left expect to emit more carbon than nearly every other oil and gas project in the US. A January poll commissioned by the Detroit News also found that just 15.6% of voters between the ages of 19 and 30 had a favorable view of the current president. Younger voters tend to lean very far to the left, and their concerns over what this demographic perceives to be a climate change issue, as well as their anti-Israel sentiment, are key issues for many in this demographic. The US is also producing more oil than at anytime in the country’s history right now, though no thanks to Biden. Even though the incompetent current President has tried to bribe this younger part of his coalition with periodic announcements of absurd student loan bailouts, these voters are have grown increasingly discontent with Biden’s handling of key issues they find important. A full scale invasion of Rafah by Israel would likely be devastating to Biden’s already weakening support with this far left group.

The current administration has repeatedly tried to placate younger voters and the far left with bribes and absurd policies. The President recently announced new fuel emission standards designed to appeal to his constituents who are concerned about they call climate change. If Israel were to invade Rafah, where there is thought to currently be nearly 1.5 million Palestinians, the anti-Israel sentiment of the far left, including with younger voters, would likely reach a breaking point. Biden is on the verge of losing massive support from a key constituency that played a particularly important role in critical swing states like Michigan.