Friday, April 12, 2024

Why the New York Appeals Decision Likely Crushes Letitia James’s Attempt to Interfere with the 2024 Presidential Election

The left likes to project more than almost anything in politics. One of the many examples of this trend is that Democrats frequently accuse President Trump of being a threat to democracy, but the left has been blatantly trying to use the court system for nearly a year now to interfere in the 2024 election. Most Democrats are petrified of the idea that the American public will get to decide the next President of the United States, and these corrupt leaders want a broken court system to step in.

New York Attorney General Letitia James thought she had the perfect game plan to hurt Trump financially and politically. She brought an absurd supposed fraud case in the Democratic stronghold of New York City, got a jury that hated Trump, a judge that despised the former President, and she and her prosecutors managed to get the corrupt court to rule against the former President. Judge Arthur Engoron, a known Democrat with ties to Senator Schumer in New York, issued an absurd ruling finding Trump liable for fraud, despite the evidence being lacking and their being no victims whatsoever in this pathetic case. The attorney general was licking her chops after this bad ruling that originally required the former President to put up $450 million dollars, the amount the lower court said he owed, just to appeal this miscarriage of justice. Letitia James even filed in several jurisdictions to position her office to be able to seize Trump’s assets if he didn’t come up with the amount of money by this past Monday at midnight.

The recent Appeals court decision changed everything, and this higher court’s ruling will likely crush any and all attempts by the partisan and corrupt Attorney General to interfere in the upcoming Presidential Election. The Court of Appeals ruling was significant on several levels. First, the Court said Trump only needed to post a $175 million dollar bond, which Trump quickly posted using cash as collateral. Second, and equally importantly, the Court stayed nearly the entire judgement of the lower court, including Engoron’s ruling banning Trump and two of his adult sons from doing business or getting loans in New York for several years.

The appeals court fall term begins in September, so the higher court won’t likely make a ruling on Trump’s appeal until after the election now. This means the former President will have his cash available to spend in the upcoming election. With Trump’s new social media going public recently, he also has plenty of capital to spend. President Trump’s stake in this company is worth approximately $6 billion right now. Even though the former President can’t access this money for some time because of lock up rules for initial public offerings, Trump should still be able to borrow against his equity holdings if he wants to spend more of his own money in the upcoming election.

The higher court’s decision to step in also likely shows the Appeals Court’s displeasure with the lower court’s decision, since the higher court massively reduced the bond that the former President needed to post and stayed nearly the entire ruling of Engoron. This gives President Trump an even stronger argument against the validity of the lower court’s absurd ruling, and also, again, means that this case is unlikely to have financial or political consequences on the 2024 presidential election. President Trump has defeated Letitia James in her own backyard.