Friday, April 19, 2024

Boeing Whistleblower Dead Of An Apparent “Suicide”

Color me skeptical, but there are many times when I hear that the cause of death is determined to be a suicide, when I can’t help but roll my eyes and cough. One day I may write a column about all of my “conspiracy theories,” then again, probably not. It wouldn’t be a column; it would be a novel.

I just find it curious that people who have exhibited no signs of suicidal tendencies but are in possession of knowledge that some consider dangerous, or embarrassing, often times turn up dead and the cause of death is of course, … suicide.

I am certainly not saying that all of them are nefarious, but then again, they can’t all be suicides either. Many things go on every single day, that the American public has no idea about. The truth is more frightening, but I would much rather know than be naively held in the dark. Of course, in the fast-paced world that we live in, it’s very easy for the press to bury things by simply giving it very little or no coverage at all. That happens every single day. True journalism is dead, now we have talking heads that report nothing more than their opinions. Newsworthy stories are very often ignored, and certainly not investigated if the narrative doesn’t meet the left’s agenda.

This story appears to be one of those that will disappear quickly, even though a coverup of any kind could endanger lives. John Barnett was blowing the whistle concerning safety issues at Boeing. In fact, he was involved in a lawsuit with the manufacturer over those issues.

Mysteriously on Saturday, he was discovered deceased in his truck in a hotel parking lot. The cause of death according to the police, appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although the police are investigating.

Brian Knowles is Barnett’s attorney. He called Barnett’s death “tragic,” but expressed concerning doubt about the circumstances surrounding his death. He was very clear to refer to his death as an “alleged” self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Barnett was a dedicated employee at Boeing for 32 years. However, he had been complaining about the company cutting corners on the assembly line for an extended period of time. The lawsuit that he was involved in was based on his alleging that the company was retaliating against him for drawing attention to what he believed were manufacturing oversights.

Barnett even came on “TMZ Live” recently to address issues that Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft had been experiencing lately. The one incident that everyone has heard of is the door blowing off a 737 flight mid-air in January, which left the passengers hanging on for dear life as the plane tried to land safely.

Barnett certainly knew what he was talking about, as he was a former quality control manager with Boeing. In speaking with TMZ, he said that he wasn’t surprised by the mishap, stating that Boening had turned a blind eye to safety concerns for years. He also shared that the 737 Max aircraft, in his opinion, was given the green light to resume flying again too soon after the Alaska Airlines incident.

Last week, before his death, Barnett was in the middle of depositions in his lawsuit against Boeing. After he was found, Boeing released a statement stating that they were saddened by his death.

You have to ask yourself, why would a person that was aware of safety issues for years suddenly now decide to take his own life? Especially, when Boeing has had five separate incidences in recent weeks of quality problems, which lend credence to Barnett’s claims.

This is definitely, a case that needs to be looked into deeply. A superficial investigation based on the money and power of those involved will be fruitless. I will not point fingers here, but something is wrong, very wrong, and the least we should do to honor Barnett’s integrity is to conduct a real and sincere investigation.

In a world where quality standards are dropping on all fronts, air travel cannot be one of those affected. Many lives depend on it and a heartbeat is always worth more than a stock price.