Sunday, April 21, 2024

Fani Willis Clearly Perjured Herself And The Georgia Election Probe Is Falling Apart

The national media has predictably ignored the recent crushing developments for the Democrats in the Georgia probe of the former President for what the left calls his efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election in this southern state. Just as Joe Biden’s case for reelection continues to fall apart, the current case in Fulton County against President Trump is unwinding as well.

Fani Willis, the District Attorney, and the face of the Georgia probe into the former president, clearly perjured herself on the stand in the recent hearings over whether or not she should be disqualified from the current case because of a conflict of interest over her hiring of her lover, Nathan Wade.

Willis hired Wade in November 2021 as a special prosecutor in the current Georgia election interference case. The current hearing in Fulton County is over whether or not Willis should be removed from the case for a conflict of interest. The central claim by the former president’s attorneys is that Willis was in a relationship with Wade prior to Wade being hired, and that Wade also improperly paid for trips he took with Willis after he was hired in late 2021. Both Willis and Wade have testified that their romantic relationship did not begin before Wade was hired, and both have also testified that Willis always paid back Wade for the many trips they’ve made over the last several years.

The evidence is clear that both perjured themselves, and the already weak Georgia probe is now on the verge of falling apart.

Willis’ decision to hire Wade as a special prosecutor on such a high profile and complex case was always suspect. Wade has no background in handling complex criminal cases like the indictment of the former president, he primarily handled personal injury cases and some low-level criminal defense cases.. Even the New York Times admitted that Wade did not seem qualified to handle such a complex criminal case, given that he had only handled low level criminal cases in the past.

This is why the recent testimony of Robin Yeartie, a friend of Fani Willis, that Wade and Willis’s relationship began before Wade as hired is so important. Yeartie’s testimony is also just one piece of the mounting evidence that both Wade and Willis perjured themselves. The now public text messages of Terrence Bradley, a former partner of Wade, also indicate that Wade and Willis’s relationship likely began before early 2022 or late 2021. Bradley’s text messages showed that he even knew the exact time when Wills and Wade met and started a relationship.

Wade’s former partner cited a specific Municipal Court conference in 2019, two years before Willis hired Wade, as the time when the two met. Bradley also indicated in the text messages that he knew the romantic relationship began soon after that meeting, although he played coy on the stand in an effort to protect his friend and former associate. Bradley also stated in his text messages that he had personal knowledge that the relationship between Willis and Wade began before Willis hired him in late 2021. Bradley cited use by the two lovers of an apartment that Robin Yeartie owned as evidence in his text messages.

There is also evidence that Wade and Willis committed perjury about the many trips the two took after Willis hired him to handle the case against the former president. Wade testified that he paid for the trips for Willis, but both also stated on the record that Willis always paid for her half, with the District Attorney paying the special prosecutor she hired back in cash.

Willis’s claims are not credible. She claims that she paid Wade over $9,000 in cash over several years, conveniently citing cash as the method of payment so there is no paper or electronic record. There is no record of cash withdrawals or cash deposits by Wade or Willis at the time that the two took their many trips, and with so many options to pay electronically, such as Paypal and Venmo, their story does not seem plausible. Willis’s testimony also does not account for all of the benefits that Wade provided her either.

Willis was clearly dating Wade before she hired the unqualified attorney to handle this complex criminal case in late 2021. The fact that Wade was using money he made from tax payers in Fulton County to pay for the many lavish trips he took Willis on makes the matter worse as well. Wade testified that over fifty percent of the money he has earned in recent years has come from his work on this case, and there is little question that these earnings are what he used to pay for the trips he took the boss who hired him on.

Willis and Wade have both committed perjury, and they should face justice as well as be removed from yet another absurd and totally unfounded witch hunt against the former President.