Friday, April 19, 2024

FITTON: The Battle Of The Lawsuits Must Begin

I have to begin with some bad news. It is too late. The 2024 election has already been compromised by the Biden/Democratic Party’s unprecedented prosecutorial assault on the civil rights of President Donald J. Trump.

There is a storm front of selective, vindictive, political and anti-constitutional prosecutions going from Miami, through Fulton County, Georgia, here in DC and up into New York. And the front has expanded to other states where lawyers, Republican party officials and volunteers are being harassed, sued, disbarred, and prosecuted for exercising their God-given First Amendment and other rights to dispute an election.

Let me be clear: moving to jail the leading presidential candidate, seize his assets, destroy his business, and keep his name off the ballot are all about turning America into a one-party state. By the way, isn’t fraudulently using the 14th Amendment and falsely accusing Trump of insurrection to keep him off the ballot insurrection in itself?

If the abusers want to play the insurrectionist game, then virtually the entire Deep State, Left Media, and DC ruling class will have some questions to answer! But how do we overcome the election rigging?

Well, Judicial Watch knows what to do. Sue them! Counting votes of ballots that arrive after Election Day invites voter fraud, undermines voter confidence and is illegal. We’re suing two states to stop that lawlessness.

And we must ensure voting rolls are clean because dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections. The rolls are a mess but Judicial Watch’s heavy lifting is getting results – our historic election lawsuits and pressure have led to 4 million dirty names being removed from the voting rolls in the last year or so! That is HUGE! DC just removed 138,000 names – which is 15% of its entire voter list! And more lawsuits are coming!

And we have to shut down the Biden border invasion, and deport the illegal aliens ASAP. Their mere presence will ensure increased power for leftist politicians and their allies. If past is prologue, these millions of illegals could help ensure that leftists get dozens of extra seats in Congress after the next Census. Our Congress should answer to American citizens, not invaders from abroad.

Again, the formula for free and fair elections is simple. #1 is Free Trump! The rest you also know: voter id, citizenship verification, no mass mail-in voting, vote in person on Election Day, and no ballot harvesting. And let’s complete the count ON Election Day. Not having final results on Election Day, 2024 would be another disaster for voter confidence.