Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Lost In Space” Transgender Colonel Pushes Pronouns To Win Wars

This isn’t the first time I have written about the current state of our military, or about Space Force Colonel Bree Fram. Fram is transgender, a man pretending to be a woman that has somehow managed to get into this position of power. By promoting someone like Fram up the chain of command, the military is disregarding that this is form of delusionary mental illness. This is condoning the denial of both biology and science for no other reason other than to be politically correct. The result has been a softening of our forces and low recruitment rates in at least three out of four military branches.

The military has not only errored in accepting this farce as normal behavior, but they have also promoted it as though it is customary. The U.S. Armed Forces has used everything from animated cartoons to an enlisted drag queen in recruitment videos. Then they bemoan the fact of low recruitment, acting stupefied as to what the problem is.

This isn’t a mystery. Combine a society that is becoming more and more divided by liberal leftists teaching hatred of country and moral debauchery at every turn, with a military command that has swallowed the Kool-Aid, and you have a disaster forming in the shadows of what used to be the Greatest fighting force in the world.

Wrong beliefs can become a societal virus and the LGBTQ movement has become one. The left now demands that you not only accept the lifestyle of these deluded individuals, they expect active participation, otherwise you will be labeled as homophobic and bigoted.

This has become an effective tool of the left. Interject an abnormal belief or circumstance into society and then attack those that question its reality. This is known as projecting. The left perpetrates the issue, then falls into victim mode and claims foul of anyone that questions them. Having successfully played the guilt card, they now get aggressive and force further participation in the delusion by the general population.

That brings us to Colonel Fram. Having used societal pressure to attain this position, Fram now is further spreading the disease by insisting on the use of pronouns by the Space Force personnel. Claiming that their use will advance “winning war fighting strategies.”

Last week, she gave a speech to the Air Force academy. This is her introduction and then part of that speech.

Col. Bree Fram, an astronautical engineer in the U.S. Space Force, is the co-editor of With Honor and Integrity: Transgender Troops in Their Own Words, the co-author of the forthcoming Forging Queer Leaders: How the LGBTQIA+ Community Creates Impact from Adversity, and host of the podcast Forged in Fire: LGBTQ+ Leadership. She is also the former president of SPARTA, a non-profit organization that advocates and educates about transgender military service.

Fram leads acquisition policy development for the U.S. Space Force. Prior to recommissioning into the Space Force in 2021, she served in many Air Force positions, including a research and development command position and leading Air Force security cooperation with Iraq.

Fram came out publicly on the day the transgender ban in the military was dropped in 2016. She served through the re-imposition of a ban from 2019-2021 and is currently one of the highest ranking out-transgender officers in the United States military.

Fram has appeared on ABC, NBC, NPR and PBS News. She is a featured speaker on leadership, diversity, and inclusion at corporations, universities and government organizations. She’s also a member of the State Department’s Speaker program that connects foreign audiences with American experts.

Fram received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota in Aerospace Engineering, a Master of Science degree from the Air Force Institute of Technology—Graduate School of Engineering and Management, and a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College.

Here is part of her speech to the academy:

All too often, I hear leaders talk about providing everyone with dignity and respect like it’s an aspirational goal, that’s not good enough.

Dignity and respect is the bare minimum, it’s the floor of where we can be, we must set our sights higher and focus on intentional inclusivity, because there are still far too many people out there, not just LGBTQ individuals, that feel marginalized, shut out or discriminated against.

So for all of you out there, I ask you to set out your symbols of pride, share your pronouns in your email, particularly if you’re a person who doesn’t think they need to, initiate difficult conversations about racial and gender barriers, and share a bit of your vulnerability in a way that draws others in.

You all have the power to take intentionally inclusive action to ensure the multiple perspectives that we know make us stronger as we devise winning war fighting strategies get heard.

Yep, pronouns win wars.

To see how far we have fallen, here is a video comparing recruitment videos of the U.S. Army and other nations around the world. It is sad to think that a nation once as strong as ours could fall so quickly under such a ridiculous agenda. The military is first and foremost a fighting force. Not a clown show designed to further wokeness for a small segment of the population that can’t accept the reality of their biological existence.