Sunday, April 14, 2024

Is Donald Trump Protected by Divine Providence?

Donald Trump made an unusual post on Truth Social the other day:

It wasn’t the first time a MAGA supporter likened Trump’s trials and tribulations to those of Jesus. On the surface, it might seem pompous or arrogant to make such a comparison, but honestly, can any of us remember an individual in our lifetime who has endured this level of persecution, oppression and cruelty?

Put aside for a moment the two illegitimate impeachment proceedings in the deceitful House of Representatives when Trump was president, but the efforts of the left to seize his property, the fruits of a lifetime of hard work and dedication, speaks to the fetid souls of these horrible people.

Pick any of the proceedings. As I wrote in an earlier piece, the action with the greatest potential damage is the Engoron/James lawsuit, whose purpose is twofold: The primary effort is to break Trump financially, but more importantly, the left wants to send a message to other rogue billionaires that their wealth is no match for the power of the Deep State.

The January 6th fake insurrection, classified documents and the Georgia election interference cases were originally designed to discourage Trump voters, but they have morphed into a vindictive, spiteful and malicious effort to convict the former president and send him to jail. The rabid effort of leftist prosecutors to expedite the trials so they conclude before November is a transparent attempt to interfere with the election and publicly humiliate Donald Trump.

Divine Intervention?

On February 16, unethical Judge Arthur Engoron assessed a $354 million penalty against the Trump organization for (allegedly) committing fraud by inflating asset values in loan applications. By now, everyone knows the banks didn’t lose a penny and were very happy with the terms, rates and early payoff Trump provided. With interest, the bogus fines inflated to $454 million, and in order to appeal, Trump was required to post the entire amount in the form of a bond.

Both Engoron and dishonest prosecutor Letitia James had to know beforehand that no surety company could provide a bond in that amount, especially since real estate couldn’t be used as collateral. It was also unrealistic to expect Trump to have $450 million in cash or equivalents sitting around, since his $2-5 billion fortune was tied up in various illiquid real estate ventures. For a long moment, it looked like the former president would have to liquidate properties in a distressed fire sale or watch as James seized them. The clock continued to tick down to the deadline.

But then something extraordinary happened.

On the same day that James announced she was preparing to confiscate Trump’s cash as early as this past Monday, shareholders of Digital World Acquisition Corp, the SPAC that listed Trump Media & Technology Group (Truth Social) on the stock market, voted in favor of the proposed merger deal. Instantaneously, Trump’s net worth increased by $3 billion. Ultimately, at the end of trading on Tuesday, shares in Digital World Acquisition Co. (DJT) had appreciated by 16%, leaving Trump with a total share value of $4.5 billion.

In other words, in two days, Trump’s net worth had more than doubled.

While he is prohibited from selling or borrowing against the stock for six months, the rule can be rescinded or suspended by the board of directors, which is composed of Trump’s sons, former business associates and friends. The point is that Trump now has an enormous asset that will become highly liquid before the November 6th election.

Ultimately, an appeals court in New York lowered the bond requirement for Trump’s appeal to $175 million, a more manageable number that will probably be covered by a combination of surety bond providers. However, in a worst-case scenario, it’s unlikely James and Engoron would have succeeded in seizing any Trump assets anyway. The Trump-friendly board of Digital World Acquisition Corp, presented with such an urgent emergency, would likely have lifted the restriction on the sale of the stock or borrowing against it.

Special Divine Providence tells us that God is always protecting the righteous.

My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me (Psalm 63:8).

For it is he who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence (Psalm 91:3).

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

Carefully look back over events of the past two weeks and focus on the horrific maltreatment of President Trump. Fast forward to the most recent news. Do you doubt there is something much bigger than any person, judge or state protecting this man?

Keep the faith. Righteousness will win the day.