Friday, April 19, 2024

Liberal Resentment Of Famous V-J Day Photo Is A Snapshot Of Their Loathing Of Americana

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe the left. A few of my favorites, hateful and petty definitely apply to this story.

On August 14, 1945, America was celebrating the surrender by Japan, a day that became known as V-J Day. On that day three people came together in a spontaneous moment that was frozen in time. In Times Square George Mendoza, a sailor celebrating the end of the war swooped in and dramatically kissed Greta Zimmer Friedman. The moment was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt and appeared in Life Magazine as part of a 12-page spread entitled “Victory Celebrations.”

The picture became affectionately known as “The Kiss,” and became a part of Americana. A simple picture that encapsulated the unbridled joy of the moment in a manner that everyone could relate to.

Then a February 29 memo, from the Department of Veterans Affairs to its regional offices directed all copies of the iconic World War II photo of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square on V-J Day to be removed from agency facilities because it depicts a “non-consensual act.”

A liberal fool named RimaAnn Nelson, the VA’s Assistant Secretary of Health for Operations, sent the ridiculous memo calling for the prompt removal of the photo stating that it was:

“inconsistent with the VA’s no-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment and assault.”

Nelson blathered on in the memo saying that the placement of the photo in VA facilities was originally meant to commemorate the end of World War II and the return of American troops, but that perspectives on historical events “evolve.”

“To foster a more trauma-informed environment that promotes the psychological safety of our employees and the veterans we serve, photographs depicting the V-J Day in Times Square’ should be removed from all Veterans Health Administration facilities.”

Huh? What the hell was the thin-skinned snowflake talking about?

Thankfully on Tuesday, VA Secretary Denis McDonough intervened, emphatically stating that the photograph can remain. He posted on X:

“Let me be clear, This image is not banned from VA facilities, and we will keep it in VA facilities.”

Even though McDonough’s post officially rescinded Nelson’s liberal lunacy, Republicans on the House Veteran’s Affairs Committee questioned why the attempt to remove the photos ever existed.

“Good. And we still have serious questions about who at VA thought potentially banning this photo would be a good idea in the first place,” @HouseVetAffairs posted on X.

In her memo, Nelson said:

“debates on consent and the appropriateness of celebrating such images” contributed to the decision. “Employees have expressed discomfort with the display of this photograph, suggesting that its presence could be construed as a tacit endorsement of the inappropriate behavior it depicts.”

This is when sane people that have had their fill of this woke Bullsh*t, need to stand up and scream. “Shut the hell up and sit down!”

I doubt if anyone has expressed discomfort about the photograph. If any have, tell them to grow up and shut up. Just because a weak little snowflake is offended, who cares? We’re not eliminating American traditions and history, because a few liberals get their panties in a wad.

Back to the photo itself. In a 2005 interview for the Veterans History Project, Friedman, who was working as a dental assistant at the time, went to Times Square to confirm the news that the war had ended. Where she explained she was grabbed by a sailor.

“It wasn’t that much of a kiss; it was more of a jubilant act that he didn’t have to go back. I found out later he was so happy that he did not have to go back to the Pacific … and the reason he grabbed someone dressed like a nurse was that he just felt very grateful to nurses who took care of the wounded. It wasn’t a romantic event; it was a thank God the war is over.”

The fact that Nelson would even think about removing these photos from VA facilities that treat American Veterans is moronic. Thank God sanity was restored. Liberals love to throw their weight around. They think that everyone should bow to every whim that crosses their simple minds. It’s time for the left to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around their delusions and a good way to initiate that is to reintroduce them to one simple word …. NO!