Sunday, April 14, 2024

VIDEO: John Kerry Says Russia’s Carbon Footprint Is Exacerbating The Ukraine War

I’m paraphrasing, and I’m actually smartening up what Kerry, who is the Biden regime’s “Climate Envoy,” actually said.

Here it is, in all its asinine glory…

They don’t want to admit it, but this kind of stuff is absolutely toxic to Team Biden’s re-election chances. For a few obvious reasons.

First, there’s the problem of a perceived colossal talent deficit in this administration. That starts at the top. For example, here’s Joe Biden…

What he’s saying here is an abject delusion. He’s not winning. In fact, courtesy of RealClear Politics, here are the latest presidential polls…

So no, he’s not winning. And not only is what he’s saying manifestly not true, he doesn’t look like a sane, competent man saying it.

A non compos mentis president is a bad look. Especially when, as reported by Fox News Wednesday morning, the word is that Biden will subject the nation to a State of the Union speech which will be nothing but blamecasting against Republicans about the border, “voter suppression,” and abortion. There is an extreme likelihood that Joe Biden will melt down during such a harangue, particularly when he’s heckled, as he absolutely will be, by Republican House and Senate members who have had enough.

It’s so obvious that the correct move is to attempt to project competence and reassurance to the American people, and yet Biden insists on coming off as a nasty old man.

Even some in the legacy corporate media have had enough. Here was CNBC’s Joe Kernan’s reaction to a lecture by Pete Buttigieg gaslighting him about Team Biden’s performance on the border…

That on a day when it was revealed that the Biden regime had flown some 320,000 illegals into 43 American cities from Latin American airports over the past year.

The examples of members of this administration uttering pure nonsense are so numerous that it’s newsworthy when someone from the administration actually says something which accurately depicts reality.

And Americans are now walking around, Kafka-like, utterly confused as to the state of the country.

RealClear Politics’ average of right track/wrong track polls has it up 23, down 68, for a minus-45 margin. It’s been worse than that at times, but not often.

And you don’t fix that without concrete action to reintroduce common sense into American public policy.

But with this crew that isn’t possible – and not just because none of them have common sense, but because they’re committed to the active destruction of our society along Gramscian/cultural Marxist lines. One active measure in producing that destruction, as Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov made clear some 40 years ago, is demoralization of the public.

Kerry’s nonsense is aimed at demoralizing you. And it will, if it isn’t punished. The good news is that Americans seem to be in a punishing mood of late.