Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Dropping Standards To Satisfy An Imaginary Non-Descript Quota

Quotas are very rarely grounded in fact. They are imaginary numbers that are figments of one person’s or a group of people’s imagination to meet a need that in most cases is just as imaginary. Today, there is a rush to fill voids that don’t require filling. DEI is a farce that isn’t rectifying an injustice, it is inflicting one on society. People who either don’t want certain jobs or aren’t qualified for them are being forced into them by leftist social pressure.

Anytime a quota is imagined into reality, it doesn’t represent the inclusion the left is trying to sell. It excludes someone who wants the job and has the qualifications to do it. Such is the case that is now taking place with the Metro Nashville Police Force.

In 2021, leftist Police Chief John Drake signed an initiative known as 30×30. A goal to increase female staffing to 30 percent by 2030. Where this percentage came from or if it was even feasible isn’t irrelevant. This is what the left wants whether it is the best thing for the public or not. DEI in their minds must be satisfied, everything else is damned.

According to Commander Tiffany Gibson, Metro’s first female director of training with the Metro Police Department Training Academy women made up 11 percent of the MNPD in 2023. By February of this year that had increased to 13 percent.

Gibson sees the 2 percent increase as promising and believes the non-descript goal of 30 percent is attainable. Of course, the goal can’t be achieved through the status quo, so additional perks were required. Things such as Lactation rooms for nursing moms, more flexible schedules, and physical test modifications are among the changes MNPD made to help attract recruits, especially women. That’s in addition to their already paid maternity leave and sick time.

Gibson added that discussions are underway, trying to lay the foundation for a 24/7 childcare facility for metro police families.

“We’re trying to get going, possibly help sponsor our own childcare facility, and I think that would be really helpful for females definitely, but also for families in general at the department.”

Right, but strange it wasn’t thought about previously as a benefit for male officers. Now it’s suddenly a benefit for everyone, but only since enticing females has been deemed as important.

Gibson confessed that the blueprint that they are trying to follow originated in the woke state of California. San Diego is where they built the country’s first childcare center customized to meet the needs of law enforcement.

“I think having that availability would be when it would really be a game changer for sure,” Gibson added while discussing how the childcare facility could help with recruiting.

Gibson said there were 162 vacant, funded positions available with MNPD as of February 2024. You must wonder how many eligible and qualified males will be overlooked while the left tries to shoehorn in more females.

I mean, after all, a lactating room is a terrible thing to waste. Unless you put a pool table in it as an enticement for male officers.