Sunday, April 21, 2024

This Should Work, City Council Member Wants A “Department Of Homelessness”

I love it when the only way people in the government can think of to solve a problem is to add more government. Nothing solves a problem like spending more money and hamstringing the issue with increased bureaucracy and miles of red tape.

It’s no secret that Biden’s economy and oppressively regulated yet criminally liberal local governments in blue cities have exasperated the homeless problem. One of the worst examples of this can be found in Los Angeles. The area that used to be referred to as Skid Row only took up approximately one block. Now tents and debris are scattered throughout the city.

The city has failed to correct the root cause of the problem and instead has continuously thrown money at the issue. Now, one council member has decided that what this fire needs is a good dousing of gasoline. Her idea is to add another useless department to the government so more time and money can be wasted while nothing is accomplished.

Los Angeles Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez lobbied this week for a new department to create and oversee programs that address the homelessness crisis. The department would report to leftist Mayor Karen Bass and the blindly liberal City Council so they can procrastinate the problem into an even greater mess.

Rodriguez has introduced a motion on the matter as a first step in the process. The motion will be heard by the Housing and Homelessness Committee sometime in the future.

Proving that she has a firm grip on the obvious, Rodriguez said this:

“A Department of Homelessness can help verify what each level of government is doing to solve the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time; I cannot say with certainty that we have an efficient and effective operation free of redundancies.”

She went on to say that systemic factors pose challenges to institutionalizing existing successful models or new ones governing the city’s $1.3 billion investment into its homeless response.

Her gobbledygook continued when she summarized that the main issue as, “irregular and imprecise reporting on contractually obligated metrics and outcomes.

Acting like the true liberal Democrat that she is, Rodriguez proved two things. First, she knew that the homelessness situation was getting worse, and did nothing. She openly admits that the current system is inefficient and has imprecise reporting on contractually obligated metrics and outcomes. Translation: things that were contracted to accomplish certain goals did not meet them and there were no consequences. Second, her only solution is to add more rhetoric, red tape, and another money-wasting department to a city government she just admitted is horribly inadequate.

Liberal Democrats couldn’t find their butts with two hands and a map. They are the perfect example of insanity, doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. The reason they don’t care is that they aren’t using their own money for any of these disasters that they created. They are perfectly content to spend our tax dollars while they live high on the hog, pass ridiculous laws, and decimate society.

Rather than add a new department, I have a better idea. Get rid of Rodriguez, the Mayor, and every member of the current city council. Then replace all of them with conservatives and watch how quickly things will improve.

Otherwise, just keep beating your head against that liberal wall because it feels good when you stop.