Friday, April 19, 2024

The Left Melts Down Over Trump’s Truth Social Windfall

Let’s talk straight for a moment.

In the battle for the soul of America, woke leftists always seem to have the upper hand. The efforts of patriots to restore sanity to our politics, justice system and culture are stymied at every turn by corrupt courts, a biased media and an out-of-control bureaucracy.

Ponder the absurdity of two impeachments and multiple lawsuits the Deep State launched against the leading opposition candidate. If you’re old enough, consider how someone in the late 20th century would be regarded if they were advocating for state sanctioned child mutilation in the name of gender identity or open borders where illegal aliens are treated better than citizens or veterans. Imagine an America where the government decided what car you could drive, what appliances you could buy or how much energy you would be allowed to use.

Think about how absurd it would be to suggest to someone from that era that U.S. presidential elections were rigged.

Yet, that’s where we’re at in 2024. We’re losing on a variety of fronts, and the daily news is typically so depressing, ordinary Americans cope by diving into social media, entertainment outlets or sporting events.

That’s why good news and victories must be cherished, no matter how small. In that vein, a lot of MAGA supporters are giddy with delight at the recent news of Donald Trump once again wiggling out of the woke noose of deceit and rubbing the left’s nose in its own spew.

This is a big victory for the good guys.

For months, the left has been gleefully rubbing its hands together in anticipation of Trump’s demise. The most pressing threat came out of a kangaroo court case in New York. The wicked woke leftist duo of Judge Arthur Engoron and Prosecutor Letitia James conspired to convict Trump of bogus fraud charges stemming from (alleged) overvaluation of assets in some real estate development loan applications. While there were no injured parties, and the banks were paid in full, a $450 million fine levied by Engoron threatened to inflict severe damage on Trump and his organization’s viability.

The left thought they finally had him, and they were delighted, starting with James.

Truth Social to the Rescue

If there is such a thing as karma, we’ve just witnessed it at work. While Trump struggled to find a way to raise the full $454 million required to post bond in the James case, the left celebrated. This was the beginning of the end, they postulated. With his financial empire in ruins, Trump’s capacity to run an effective presidential campaign would be greatly diminished. A criminal conviction would prove to be the kill shot that rid them of the biggest impediment to their goal of authoritarian rule.


A proposed merger between Digital World Acquisition Corp and the Trump Media & Technology Group (Truth Social) had largely flown under the radar. Many analysts were skeptical that the merger would ever consummate, and if it did, there were concerns that the share price would plunge immediately once the stock went public. Nevertheless, the board of directors did complete the transaction, but something unexpected happened.

The shares skyrocketed.

Within two days of trading, Trump had added $4.5 billion to his balance statement, effectively doubling his net worth. Worse for leftists, unlike real estate assets, common stock is highly liquid, and while Trump faces restrictions on selling his shares for six months, those are minor obstacles. With an appeals court lowering the bond requirement in the James case to $175 million, Trump is clearly out of the woods from a financial standpoint.

These unanticipated developments sent woke leftists into fits of apoplectic fury.

Media outlets also joined in:

CNN: Trump’s Truth Social is now a public company. Experts warn its multibillion-dollar valuation defies logic

ABC: Trump’s Truth Social stock is soaring as the company loses money. Here’s why

MSN: Trump’s new social media company looks like a meme stock

Other publications were quick to point out Trump couldn’t tap into his stock to pay his mounting legal bills.

Politico: Why Trump’s big Wall Street payday won’t bail him out of financial trouble

MSN: Trump’s $4B Truth Social windfall would be off-limits for legal costs: report

Enjoy the Flavor Patriots

No matter how they try to spin or twist the story, the reality is that Donald Trump has once again demonstrated why he is smarter, craftier and usually a step ahead of the leftist brain trust, which lurks in the shadows and pulls Slow Joe Biden’s puppet strings. The left’s media arm can frame it any way they want, but money is no longer an impediment to Trumps ascension back into the Oval Office.

In other words, they can’t bankrupt him.

It’s possible the new board of directors, made up of his sons, longtime business associates and friends, will have to modify the blackout period to help Trump raise cash, but the financial, surety bond and insurance industries will be lining up to solicit Donald Trump’s business now that he has $4+ billion in liquid assets within reach.

Enjoy the moment, America First patriots. It isn’t often we get to watch the left collectively sucking on a lemon. We damn well deserve some good news. Leftists should be on notice; Trump isn’t going quietly into the night. Gird your loins because you’re in for seven months of pure hell, and Trump just received about $4 billion in new ammo.