Sunday, April 21, 2024

Toronto Police Say Leave Car Keys At Front Door For Thieves, What No Dessert?

The Toronto police have a new leftist strategy to thwart home break-ins for car thieves. Just leave your keys at the front door that way thieves don’t need to break into your house.

Maybe it’s me, but that seems a lot like flat-out giving up. Here are a few associations that come to mind involving some other predator and prey comparisons. If the Toronto police were Gazelle police, they would advise the Gazelle to just lie down and allow the lions to eat them. If they were fish police, they would tell them not to fight the hook and instead to swallow it as deeply as possible. During hunting season, they would advise deer and other animals to wear bright red and white targets, that way they could avoid all that troublesome camouflage and simply accept being shot.

At a town hall meeting in Etobicoke last month, Const. Marco Ricciardi actually told residents to leave their keys by the door, especially if they’re in a Faraday bag that prevents would-be thieves from stealing the signal needed to unlock the car and start it.

These are police that are waving the white flag to criminals. Does anything about this advice sound rational to you? Get up, go to work, then come home and leave the keys to the transportation you worked for on the front porch for easy pickings.

“To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else. A lot of them that we’re arresting have guns on them. And they’re not toy guns; they’re real guns. They’re loaded.”

Naturally, it wasn’t long before social media was ablaze with the idea of the police caving to car thieves. The response was as you can imagine. Mocking this shameful police work was easy.

“Toronto Police have advised residents worried about the city’s spiraling auto theft problem — just let thieves steal your car by leaving them the keys.” The website, billed as “the chronicle of car culture,” made a similar point.

However, now the police are backstroking as fast as possible. Realizing that stupidity is easy to identify, they have responded to the deserved criticism.

They have released a post on X that stated:

“An officer at a recent community meeting suggested that people leave the keys to their vehicle in a Faraday bag by the front door.” Without naming the officer in question. “While well-meaning, there are better ways to prevent auto theft-motivated home invasions.”

The suggested ways are so common sense that they aren’t even worth listing. Keep your driveway well-lit, and get motion detectors, if possible. No kidding. Now the left wants that trend to extend to your home. This is beyond the pale. Any police force that suggests something like this is nothing more than a leftist arm of madness.

What is disturbing is until they were ridiculed, the police suggested surrender. This tells you that their first instinct is to roll over and not enforce the law. This is a common thread in leftist policy. Look at the businesses that have closed because theft is left unchecked and unpunished. Arm yourself and keep your keys on their ring inside your home.

This is not a suggestion; this is the truth of a free society. Leftist policies don’t supersede basic human rights of ownership and protection.