Friday, April 19, 2024

Why President Trump was Right to Urge Senate Republicans Oppose the Democrats Border Control Bill

Elections always create a level of gamesmanship you don’t often see anywhere else. What’s more, the stakes have never been higher in recent times than they are going into the critical 2024 presidential election, and the left is trying to clean up the Biden administration’s many failures that have left the current president trailing in most major polls.

It should be no surprise, then, to see wholesale dishonesty characterizing virtually every news cycle.

The latest game is the Biden administration’s pathetic and insincere border bill proposal in the Senate, and the narrative that President Trump strongly pushed Republicans to oppose this legislation.

What has happened at the border under the current administration is an abomination, and the numbers speak for themselves. The Border Patrol counted 249,785 illegal crossings in December of last year, a number up from the previous record set in December of 2022 of 222,018. Biden took several actions after coming into power to ensure that the border was open. The most important action the president took was to terminate President Trump’s successful remain-in-Mexico program in January of 2021, which meant that asylum seekers could suddenly enter the US before seeking legal asylum in this country. Only approximately 15% of illegal immigrants qualify for asylum, and nearly half don’t even show up for their court case. Trump’s successful remain in Mexico policy, as well as his use of Title 42 during the pandemic, were key to the former president’s successful border policy.

Biden ended the remain in Mexico policy and he has rarely used Title 42 to expel illegal immigrants. The current regime has made clear that they have no interest in closing the border.

This is why GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s recent decision to resign his position as head of the Republican Senate caucus is important as well. McConnell was pushing Senate Republican to vote for the border bill which was also conditioned to aid to Ukraine, McConnell’s pet cause on behalf of the military-industrial complex.

McConnell’s impending retreat to the back bench is a further sign of the strength of President Trump. Trump saw right through the pathetic attempts of Biden to link aid to Ukraine with border security. Biden has no interest in closing the border, he just wants to be able to say the border is closed during the election, and the incompetent current president would likely just reopen the border after the election this year if he won.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is also not going well for Ukraine, and the US has better ways to spend 60 billion than giving that money to the corrupt and incompetent Zelensky regime. Biden would have simply used passage of this bill to argue the border was closed before ushering in a new flood of Third World migrants after this year should he win this fall’s election. It should be noted that if Biden chose not to enforce current law, which was sufficient for Trump to hold illegal immigration in check, there is no reason to believe he would enforce any new strictures in a “bipartisan” immigration reform measure.

The current administration has lied repeatedly to the American people on the border, and Biden has made clear he has no interest in any sincere effort to stop illegal immigration. Biden could bring back former President Trump’s successful remain-in-Mexico policy today and he could also continue to use Title 42 the way the former president did during the pandemic to expel illegals, he does not. McConnell was, not surprisingly, more than willing to hand Biden a crucial election year victory that would have done nothing to close the border and end the current crisis. The former President was clearly right to urge Republicans to oppose this pathetic attempt by the corrupt current regime to close the border for six months in an election year, and McConnell failed attempts to undermine President Trump also showed how unified the Republican Party is going into this critical election cycle. McConnell’s recent endorsement of President Trump further shows the increasing unity in the Republican Party as well.