Sunday, April 21, 2024

VIDEO: Viktor Orban Says What We All Know, Which Is That Only Trump Can End The Ukraine War

This clip goes only two minutes and 25 seconds, but Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban drops several hours’ worth of truth into that time.

Orban is probably the most prominent of the anti-globalist leaders in Europe, and for that reason he’s been savaged by the elite, both on the continent and here in America. He’s been accused of essentially simping for Vladimir Putin, but that accusation never particularly stuck.

The fact is that Hungary sits just to the west of Ukraine, the Hungarians have had a refugee problem as a result of the Russian invasion, and Hungary is threatened by its precarious place as a NATO country which could be put on the front lines of any major escalation of the conflict. What’s in Hungary’s interest is for the war to end.

That’s in everyone’s interest, by the way.

And yet there is no talk of a cease-fire, there are no peace negotiations. Even as the Ukrainians are struggling mightily to continue to levy troops to carry on the fight, as their men are busily dodging the draft because the perception is they’ll be poorly-trained and poorly-equipped (which is being blamed on Mike Johnson, but it’s a far more complex problem than that) and as national morale degrades to new lows amid the death and destruction of the Russian invasion, nobody seems interested in ending the war.

The Biden administration could have spearheaded peace talks for two years and instead has regaled America with jingoistic and openly corrupt rhetoric. Team Biden, with an assist from highly-unpopular outgoing GOP Senate caucus leader Mitch McConnell, has flogged the idea that because the $60 billion in Ukraine aid being proposed is mostly a weapons transfer, it’s economic stimulus funding for American manufacturing.

As though more taxpayer swag to Raytheon and General Dynamics is what our economy needs.

All of this reflects a dangerous fantasyland mentality among a corrupt Western elite.

Orban says the elite can’t fix the problem. He’s clearly right about that. But he also says that Donald Trump, who he calls a “maverick” and a friend, is the only real chance at getting a workable peace in Ukraine.

And Orban is correct in this, because Team Biden is invested in prolonging the Ukraine conflict as long as possible in order to squeeze a maximum of graft out of it as Ukrainians die in a steady stream. Biden has shown he can’t make peace in Ukraine. He’s too compromised, too senile, too weak and too strategically retarded to get there.

Trump is not. This isn’t Trump’s war and he can unburden us from it in an honorable way. He has that credibility.

Anyway, here’s the video…