Tuesday, May 28, 2024

2024 Provides an Opportunity to Gauge America’s Intellect or Lack Thereof

If you want proof that America’s educational system is woefully inadequate, simply look at the latest Realclear presidential polls.

Trump +0.8

That’s right, Trump is leading a person with early onset dementia by less than one percentage point nationally. Even more troubling are the two most recent polls from NPR and Morning Consult that show Joe Biden leading by two percent.

While we know leftist polls can’t be trusted, the point is that Biden and Trump appear to be neck and neck. As Slow Joe barrels full speed toward the cliff of oblivion, half the country gives him a thumbs up.

It’s shockingly depressing.

There isn’t a good answer as to why so many people can suffer from mass delusion. It must be the result of decades of children entering adulthood without the necessary tools required to make decisions that benefit themselves, their family and their country, respectively.

A Dulled Sense of Self Preservation

Like every species, humans are endowed with a sense of self preservation. The fight-flight response is just one of the mechanisms nature provides to help us sustain ourselves and prosper. We are wired to avoid danger and seek safety. Yet, somehow, woke-leftists have managed to dull this inherent quality vital to our survival, both individually and collectively. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how the left succeeded in pulling this off, but it appears to be a combination of creating complexity in critical issues beyond the capacity of many adults to comprehend, along with employing effective methods to emotionalize issues in a way that triggers guilt and self-loathing even in those most adversely affected by the policy.

The federal government’s budget deficit is a perfect example of the first phenomenon.

Over the past several years, my colleagues at Rvivr.com have issued repeated warnings about the perilous national debt situation. In 2019, the year before the pandemic, the total federal budget was $4.4 trillion. Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding covid, spending increased by $2 trillion. However, by 2022, the covid “crisis” was largely in the rearview mirror. However, Democrats refused to give up their newfound spending gains, and so the budget floor was established at $6+ trillion per year, with the increase representing over 7% of GDP.

When you flood an economy with that much cash, two things happen: First, demand skyrockets, ultimately leading to higher inflation. But more insidiously, the budget deficit explodes, which dramatically increases the annual interest on the debt. The effect of inflation and higher interest rates only exacerbates the situation, creating a negative feedback loop of ever higher deficits and higher interest payments.

Currently, the $1 trillion annual interest on the debt is the fourth highest budget expense, but by 2030, interest payments are projected to surpass Social Security and Medicare and become the nation’s single highest expense.

The implications of this suicidal economic policy are obvious. As interest on the debt squeezes out other spending priorities, roads will be neglected, national defense will suffer significant cuts, and retirement programs will be forcibly scaled back. If the reckless spending policies continue for any length of time, the country will most assuredly experience the same fate as Greece in the early 2010s. When the international community loses faith in a country’s currency and bonds, a sovereign debt crisis is the inevitable result. In Greece, this led to seized personal bank accounts, horrific inflation, and ultimately, riots in the streets.

It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to understand we are on an economic path to ruin, but it does take someone with a rudimentary 8th grade education. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Joe Biden has the brass to tout his “economic success.”

“In the last two years, my administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion — the largest deficit reduction in American history.”

Even left-wing Snopes called foul, pointing out that the deficit reduction Biden takes credit for was the result of increased treasury revenue as the economy normalized, along with the expiration of some covid-related free money giveaways. The reality is that if you discount the covid year, the 2023 budget deficit of $1.7 trillion is the highest in history, and $500 billion higher than the $1.2 trillion deficit in 2019.

Yet, as we dangle over the edge of an economic abyss with an economy artificially juiced on borrowed money, a lot of people don’t seem to care. There can be only two possible explanations: They do not possess sufficient intellectual capacity to understand the looming crisis, or they are so disinterested in their own future, they don’t care.

Leftists have honed the skill of emotive manipulation to a fine art. Their ability to persuade large masses of people to ignore their own self interest in the name of pious self-righteousness can be admired and loathed at the same time.

How else could you explain rational adults willingly agreeing to disband their local police force, the people sworn to protect them, so that they can feel better about racial equality? Never mind the fact that numerous studies confirm that white cops are not more likely to shoot black suspects. A single incident (George Floyd) ramped up the left’s emotive manipulation machine, and a couple years later, once safe neighborhoods were overrun with crime. We have never experienced anything like this. People willing to sacrifice their family’s safety so they can feel good about themselves.

Without a Massive Awakening, We’re Doomed

No matter what direction you turn, you see we’re living in bizarro world. Whether it’s boys playing on girl’s sports teams, mutilation of children without parental consent, sanctioned teaching of racist principles in public schools, welcoming an unsustainable invasion of illegal aliens, or quality of life destruction based on unproven climate change assertions, our society has chosen masochistic self-destruction over common sense and self-preservation.

Something better change soon because the out-of-control electric vehicle piloted by dementia Joe Biden is quickly reaching edge of the cliff and the point of no return.