Saturday, May 25, 2024

Racism is a Passé Concept Whose Time has Long Passed

As a species, one of our most unappealing characteristics is the ability to hate. Often irrationally and without reason, we don’t seem to be happy unless we have someone, or a group of people, to focus our anger on. Humanity’s penchant for violence and war is overwhelmingly rooted in a thirst for power, loathing of an enemy, or both.

In the United States, no group of people was subjected to more brutal and heinous acts of hatred than African-Americans. There is no need to rehash our historical mistreatment of people of color. Slavery, beatings, lynchings, humiliation, murder, deprivation of basic rights, forced poverty… Name any horrific act one race could inflict on another, and white people did it to black people.

But why them? Why were they chosen to endure the worst of our humanity? The answer is more unsettling than the question.

Throughout history, physiological differences provided the easiest way to focus the hate of one group on another. As irrational as it sounds, melanin content proved to be the most convenient biomarker. A person with dark skin would be recognized instantly, and he/she couldn’t pass for anyone other than who they were. There was no way to escape the wrath of a bigger group with lighter skin.

Fortunately, over time, something miraculous happened to change the dynamic of racial hatred. Seeming to evolve directly from Teilhard De Chardin’s theory of noospheric evolution, our nation collectively began to understand the dreadful consequences of its original sin against people whose only transgression was the unfortunate happenstance to be born with the wrong skin color. While the transformation was painfully slow, perceptions and actions changed, and by the late 20th century, our nation had fully welcomed those with varying degrees of skin tone shading into the brotherhood and sisterhood of America. This trend was confirmed when the first African-American president was elected in 2008, largely because of strong European-American support.

Finally, we lived up to our lofty credo that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Leftists Work Relentlessly to Widen the Racial Divide

Progress on racial harmony continued into the new century. In 2004, George Bush received 40% of the Hispanic vote and 13% of the black vote, the highest percentage for a conservative candidate in history. It was around that time that leftist globalists began to implement their grand scheme for the destruction of America by infiltrating every major institution of influence, including the media, academia, the judicial system, federal law enforcement, and major corporations. At the same time, they realized they were losing their iron-fisted grip on minority communities, and the divisiveness they needed in their relentless pursuit of authoritarian control was waning.

It was at that point the racial divide began to widen. Using isolated instances of police brutality like the George Floyd incident, compounded with outright lies like the Jussie Smollett hoax, Covington kids hoax, border agents whipping illegal aliens hoax, the Georgia Jim Crow hoax and many others, leftists advanced the false narrative that America was a fundamentally racist country. Coupled with the creation of fake phenomenon like systematic racism, white privilege, Critical Race Theory, and other propaganda designed to create tension between the races, the left tried to revive the atmosphere of fear and mistrust that characterized America’s race relations prior to the 1980s.

The Inevitable Emergence of Noospheric Evolution

Teilhard postulates that humanity has entered a new phase of intellectual and technological evolution that will ultimately lead to the inevitable convergence of humanity in accepting certain universal principles of equality, reverence and respect for everyone. This phenomenon can be observed in the modern world as an increasing number of people with dark melanin content are questioning the obsolete indoctrination and untruths relentlessly advanced by the left.

This has led to unusual developments occurring with increasing frequency. For example, Larry Elder, a very successful business and radio personality, is labeled as “the black face of white supremacy.” Tim Scott, an America First advocate and potential vice-presidential nominee, talks about his experience with race in these terms:

“For those of you on the left, you can call me a prop, you can call me a token, you can call me the N-word, you can question my Blackness, you can even call me ‘Uncle Tim.’ Just understand: Your words are no match for my evidence. Your pessimism is no match for my history. My existence shows your irrelevance. The truth of my life disproves your lies.”

Thomas Sowell, perhaps the most intellectually well-rounded person in America, provided exceptional insight into the counterproductive and harmful effects of leftist policies in the African American community.

“You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.”

As if the evidence of a change wave wasn’t already apparent, Donald Trump is currently polling at 17% among African-American voters, the highest level of support for a Republican presidential candidate in history, and double the backing he received from the black community in 2016.

So, what gives?

Racism is passé, and now it’s all about ideas

It’s anecdotal, but here goes.

In my neighborhood, I have two neighbors three doors down, who live across the street from one another. Neighbor “A” routinely lets weeds crop up in his yard, never really landscaped, and he leaves multiple cars parked in his driveway 24/7. As if that wasn’t enough, he already has a Biden ‘24 sign stuck in his front yard. On the other hand, neighbor “B” keeps his yard immaculate, paints his house before it needs to be painted, probably spent $50k landscaping his beautiful yard, and he supports Trump.

Neighbor A is white, and neighbor B is black. I’ll give you one guess as to who I hang out with.

The truth is that racism is passé because it’s an artificially hyped concept whose time has long passed. The only purpose behind the media push to make us believe America is racist is to further the authoritarian ambitions of the Democrat party. If they lose the minority vote, their quest for authoritarian control of America is over.

If we really need to hate because it’s in our DNA, the new paradigm should at least focus on something substantive, like ideas and philosophies. Skin color is so yesterday, but woke radical authoritarian ideology is fair game. Leftists are the people who threaten our freedom, prosperity and safety. They are the enemy, and the melanin content of the individuals who carry their banner is utterly irrelevant.

Unfortunately, that makes identifying people on both sides of the political spectrum difficult because ideology doesn’t provide any obvious visual identity clues, so we’ll have to work on fixing that. Maybe Elon can create a neural implant that registers in our visual cortex when we spot a member of the opposition?

I don’t know the answer, but it’s time to start connecting with our allies, regardless of physical appearance, because we must unite to fight against the leftist crazies who are destroying our country. We need as many people on our side as we can find. The outcome of the battle for the soul of our country is too important to exclude anyone who embraces America First, regardless of the color of their skin.