Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Biden’s New Title IX Leaves Women Unentitled

The disintegration of the woman’s place in society continues to expand and is being led entirely by the woke left. How any woman can participate in their societal destruction is beyond me, especially when, for decades, they had worked so hard to establish that position.

The Department of Education has finally released its updated version of the Title IX civil rights law, which has been highly anticipated but often delayed. The original law, enacted in 1972, prohibits sex discrimination in any education program that receives federal funding. This applies to all schools and institutions of higher education, regardless of the amount of federal funding they receive and whether it is direct or indirect. Therefore, even private schools must comply with this rule.

The original Title IX was conceived to protect women’s rights. Now, the Biden administration has destroyed that safeguard; in fact, the new Title IX obliterates it.

The Department of Education has expanded its prohibition against discrimination based on “sex” to include discrimination based on “sex stereotypes,” “sex-related characteristics” (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Translation: The Department of Education, which identifies itself as being “woke,” has recently discarded the use of science and biology as defining parameters for determining one’s sex. Instead, they have adopted parameters influenced by mental illness and imagination. This decision has done nothing more than promote and condone mental instability, while simultaneously disregarding the biological definition of being a woman.

Under the new Title IX rule of the Biden administration, any K-12 school or institution of higher education that receives federal funding will have to allow biological boys who identify as girls access to girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, housing accommodations, sports teams, and any other sex-separated educational program or offering. Similarly, biological girls who identify as boys will have to be given access to boys’ facilities.

Obviously, these changes affect women much more than men. Very few, if any, females who identify as males want to join men’s sports teams. So, only women are forced to compete against physically stronger competition. In addition to the humiliation of being defeated by males in the sport that you love, women are more stigmatized by having a male in their locker room or bathroom than men are.

The law in question not only diminishes the value of equality but also takes away due process safeguards from students who are accused of sexual misconduct, such as their right to call witnesses, introduce evidence, or have legal representation during an investigation. Additionally, the law violates the First Amendment by compelling teachers and fellow students to use a student’s “preferred pronouns.”

The new regulations also require K-12 schools to recognize a student’s gender identity, regardless of biological sex, without parental notification or consent.

The Education Department has postponed its second Title IX rule for the time being. It’s important to note that the Biden administration’s statement that sports are not included in the current rule is misleading. The new rule expands the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity” and applies to all “extracurricular activities,” including athletic teams. This means that male and female athletic teams may no longer exist. In fact, the word “athletics” appears in the new rule at least 31 times.

Executive agencies are authorized to promulgate “rules” or “regulations” only to implement or interpret laws passed by Congress, not to create new laws, which is an issue the Biden administration has chosen to ignore.

This is a vile attack on the rights of women. The Department of Education’s validity has run its course and needs to be abolished. Trying to justify these changes is nothing more than embracing the fanatical demands of a demented minor part of society.

The Department of Education is facing legal challenges. The Independent Women’s Law Center has prepared a lawsuit, with other suits likely to follow.

It’s disheartening to see how much time and money has to be spent to refute the woke insanity that the left is promoting. They are not only attacking women but also the moral foundations of our society. Their arguments for equity and inclusion lack coherence and are based on meaningless delusions.