Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mike Johnson has lost the plot

US House Speaker Mike Johnson has sold out the American people in his brief time as House Speaker.

Many conservative political commentators and voters rejoiced at first when Johnson replaced the former establishment-oriented House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last October. However, many conservatives have turned on Johnson due to his recent decision-making.

This past week, Speaker Johnson teamed up with House Democrats to pass a $95 BILLION dollar foreign aid package to fund the foreign governments of Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine.

Johnson’s sudden flip-flop on funding the corrupt Ukrainian regime in particular has bothered the Conservative members in the House Freedom Caucus. In fact, multiple conservative-leaning Congressman have voiced their support for removing Johnson as US House Speaker.

After teaming up with Dems to send American tax dollars to foreign countries, Speaker Johnson’s team posted the following CNN clip on Johnson’s official Twitter/X account:

Talk about a tone-deaf post.

Over the past six months as House Speaker, Johnson has failed to keep his promises. He promised to stop passing omnibus spending bills in the House. He promised to bring sanity to the incessant spending coming from the Federal Government. He promised to secure American’s own border before sending foreign aid to other countries. Sadly, Johnson has not kept any of these promises.

Of course, Johnson is working under some difficult restraints. The House Republicans hold a slim-majority and are dealing with a Democratic Senate and White House. So, no one should have expected any substantial pieces of legislation coming from the US House under Johnson’s Speakership.

However, Speaker Johnson is now openly working with House Democrats to continue the gravy train of sending American tax dollars to foreign regimes. This change-in-course is unacceptable to “America First” patriots within the GOP.

A few days ago, Tucker Carlson made a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and absolutely hit the nail on the head regarding Mike Johnson’s time as House Speaker. Check out the video clip and quote below coming from Tucker’s spot-on analysis:

“Weak people just become a host for evil. An open, empty building that evil occupies, possesses, even. And that’s exactly what’s happening to Mike Johnson. That’s absolutely crazy what Mike Johnson is doing, but it’s not because he’s evil. It’s because he’s weak and therefore susceptible to evil. It’s a meaningful distinction that I have noticed.”

Mike Johnson is a nice enough guy. I’ve met him before, and that was my impression of the man in my one time interacting with him. That being said, Johnson is a weak leader. He is betraying the “America First” agenda time and time again, and it high time for Republican voters to recognize this fact.

Sadly, we are probably stuck with him through the remainder of the year. There’s really no viable option to remove Johnson as Speaker unless you want to potentially give Democrats the House Speakership.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place with Mike Johnson as US House Speaker.