Saturday, May 25, 2024

Clemson’s attempt to suppress the Free Speech of Clemson College Republicans

Earlier this month, members of the Clemson University Athletics department attempted shut down the free speech rights of several university students involved with the Clemson College Republicans (i.e. Clemson CRs).

The Clemson CRs were canvassing on public property outside of the Clemson University’s Spring Football game. They were promoting conservative US Congressional candidate and state representative Stewart Jones. Obviously, the Clemson College Republicans were well within their Constitutional rights to assemble on public property on a public university.

Unfortunately, multiple Clemson Athletic Department officials inappropriately confronted these courageous patriots. In fact, these university representatives brought over a security guard over to intimidate these students from exercising their free speech rights.

After this incident occurred, The Clemson College Republicans released this viral post on Twitter/X. As of this writing, the video below has received over 345k views on Twitter/X and showcases this blatant free speech violation on Clemson University’s campus.

This video sheds light on a larger issue on many American universities. Time and time again, left-wing administrators at American universities have violated the free speech rights of conservative college students, and this case at Clemson university is one of the more egregious violations in recent memory. Not to mention, Clemson University is a major public university in the Republican-leaning state of South Carolina.

I personally reached out to Clemon College Republicans president Trevor Tiedeman to ask him about this situation, and he provided the following insight:

“Intimidation tactics like the ones shown in the confrontation video do not work on people like me or my club members.”

We should applaud and support brave patriots like Trevor and others who are standing up for “America First” values on the college campus.

Fortunately, Congressman Matt Gaetz highlighted this free speech violation on a recent episode of his podcast Firebrand. So, make sure to check out this excellent interview featuring Clemson CR president Trevor Tiedeman.

According to Fox Carolina, Clemson University released the following statement after the interview aired:

During Saturday’s spring football game, an incident occurred in which a student organization was improperly asked to curtail an exercise of free speech. This isolated occurrence has been addressed both with the student organization, which will not face any sanctions or discipline, as well as with security personnel. We will continue to educate both University employees as well as contracted security personnel on the rights and policies regarding free speech on Clemson’s campus. As a campus community, we recognize our role as a marketplace for the exchange of ideas and support the right for students to assemble and express their views.”

Despite this victory at Clemson University, the battle for free speech continues on the American college campus.