Saturday, May 25, 2024

Alvin And His Chipmunks Have Nothing To “Bragg” About

If stupidity were contagious, Alvin Bragg would be in quarantine. Bragg suffers from a common ailment that has infected most of the left. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real, and one of the main symptoms is political blindness. Bragg is living proof that this blindness can be so intense that it affects rational brain function—so much so that it can cause a person to literally invent charges to bring against another American citizen.

The truth is that four lawsuits have been filed against Trump, and all of them are politically motivated. This comedy act, Bragg, has chosen to waste taxpayers’ money on is undoubtedly the weakest of the four.

Legal experts on both sides of the issue have been left confused about the validity of the case. It’s not just a clever cliché to say that the charges have been “Trumped” up; they can honestly be described as absurd, ridiculous, or unfounded. In short, this is a frivolous case being brought by a man who wants his fifteen minutes of fame and an ex-porn star who is desperate to remain relevant. Unfortunately, neither of them has ever been relevant, and this farcical trial has no chance of changing that.

In the real world, this case would never have been filed. However, our country now has a terribly tiered justice system, which is disturbing to come to grips with. As a result, “true justice” cannot be guaranteed, and it is often based on politically motivated positions rather than facts.

Constitutional law expert Hans von Spakovsky stated “If Alvin Bragg had charged Donald Trump with illegally eating a ham sandwich, they would find him guilty, he is going to get a totally biased jury.” 

Several years ago, Stormy Daniels, an aging pornographer, claimed to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006. However, Trump has vehemently denied these allegations. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, paid Daniels $130,000 as part of a nondisclosure agreement about the alleged affair. It’s important to note that the payment did not come from campaign funds. Cohen covered the payments upfront, but later sought reimbursement from the Trump Organization. However, Cohen listed the reimbursement as “legal services” instead of something more direct like “reimbursement for settlement payment re: extra-marital sex,” which is something that would never be done.

On the 2016 campaign trail, Bragg boasted about suing Trump “more than a hundred times” and is now getting the opportunity to take on the left’s top political adversary on the criminal charges front. The Democratic prosecutor is using every possible weapon, even if he has very little, to prosecute Trump and secure a win against President Joe Biden’s November opponent.

In 2018, Von Spakovsky, a former Federal Election Commissioner and Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, wrote that those who claimed that the settlement with Stormy Daniels was a campaign-related expense and a violation of campaign finance law did not have much of a legal basis for their argument. He pointed out that the Justice Department had previously tried to make a similar claim against former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but was unsuccessful.

The fact that the case is baseless had no effect on Bragg. Even though the Southern District of New York prosecutors and the FEC looked into Trump’s so-called campaign violations. Both “declined to pursue the case because Trump used his own money, not campaign finance money, and because reimbursing someone for a hush-money payment does not fit the definition of an in-kind campaign contribution.”

“In fact, candidates do not have to disclose expenses that would have been incurred even if no campaign existed; it is highly likely that Trump would have paid Daniels regardless just to avoid any marital strife or embarrassment to himself and his family Yoo, a Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, and Shu, a legal scholar and commentator who served in the administrations of Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, co-wrote the article.

Bragg has also attempted to label this payment as hush money. However, there is a long list of famous leftists who have demanded such nondisclosure agreements. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Tiger Woods, have faced their fair share of scrutiny in the public eye. For instance, when Representative Nancy Pelosi referred to fellow Democrat John Conyers as an “icon” after he resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct, she faced criticism for praising a man who was accused of violating the body of his aide, Marion Brown, and soliciting sex from her. Brown was forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement, but she later broke it to tell her story.

Although the statute of limitations on the alleged crimes has expired, partisan Bragg is pushing New York’s “tolling” provision that stops the clock when the suspect is out of state. “But it’s hard to believe the legislature would have intended … that serving as president of the United States counts as being out of state,” David Shapiro, a financial crimes specialist and former FBI special agent, told CBC News. 

“This case is going to have serious, serious problems,” Mark Bederow, a criminal defense attorney and former New York City prosecutor, told CBC News before the grand jury came back more than a year ago with its indictment against Trump. He said Bragg’s decision to pursue formal charges was “stunning.” 

It is hard to view Bragg’s case as anything other than a politically motivated prosecution. Despite this, a grand jury in Manhattan has proceeded with an indictment against him. It remains to be seen whether a trial jury in Manhattan will find him guilty or not. However, there could be a significant cost to pay for this political spectacle, which some Democrats are wise enough to recognize. Revealing America’s dual justice system is likely to benefit Trump more than hurt him in the upcoming November elections.

Despite the political activism, Alvin and his chipmunks will not win this case. The charges are bogus, and the evidence is nonexistent. You may not like Trump’s rough edges but convicting him on false charges will not happen. Chipmunks collect nuts and they have found several with Bragg and Daniels. Hopefully this blowhard will fade into the dark clouds that Stormy has brought to the American Justice scene.