Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Donald Trump Likely Betrayed His Wife, but He Never Betrayed His Voters

Former Republican President Donald Trump betrayed his wife (possibly more than one of his wives) but he remains faithful to his voters.

RINO Republicans, on the other hand, are faithful to their wives…but betray (and continue to betray) their own voters.

How’s that for an interesting dichotomy?

This was a revelation I had this week, after yet another leftist tried to throw the subject of Stormy Daniels in my face.

Before I go further, let me make it perfectly clear that I abhor adultery. I’ve seen it wound spouses. I’ve seen it wound children. And if an adulterer loses his or her family, then so be it. If Trump’s wife or ex-wives or any of his children think less of him for it…then so be it. 

But should adultery cost a person his or her job?


Yes, Trump has a known history of adultery. Even though I was a child at the time, I vividly recall Trump’s affair with Marla Maples and all of the media sensationalism that accompanied it. The leftists argue that Trump’s affairs make him morally unfit to preside over the White House. They label his voters hypocrites for rooting for Trump while, at the same time, preaching family values.  

Many of these same people, mind you, looked the other way when Bill Clinton, clearly a sex addict and a sexual predator, had affairs with multiple women. They looked the other way when Clinton used (and abused) taxpayer-funded resources (like Arkansas State Troopers) to facilitate those affairs. They looked the other way when women accused Clinton of sexual assault. They looked the other way when Clinton committed perjury to cover up one of those affairs.

The leftists told us that all of that was Clinton’s personal life and none of our business.

Trump has never claimed he was an angel. In the past, Republicans likely never would have supported a man known to betray his wife, but, at this point, what does it matter? Inflation is off the charts. Millions of unvetted illegal immigrants continue to cross over into the United States. Republicans in Washington, D.C. don’t put up enough of a fight to try to stop any of it. 

Several Republican politicians right now are faithful to their wives but, after they spend enough time in Washington, D.C., treat their own voters like toilets. 

Why can’t other Republicans honor their voters the same way they honor their wives?


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