Saturday, May 25, 2024

Henyard And Bowser: Two Racist Mayors Telling Lies And Abusing Constituents

Muriel Bowser and Tiffany Henyard are two racist black Democrat mayors who are misusing funds and, by doing so, are abusing their constituents. Over the past weekend, Bowser made plans to attend the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. On Saturday, she updated her public calendar, stating that her visit to Augusta was for sports and economic development purposes.

Translation: She wanted to attend the Masters and used this thinly veiled excuse to use taxpayer funds to pay for it. Being a black mayor, Bowser knows that there will be little questioning of her obvious misuse of funds. Anyone who does question it will find themselves as the object of this race-card-playing politician. However, if funds were misused in this manner by a white Republican, it would be front-page news.

According to a report by the Washington City Paper’s Alex Koma, some of Bowser’s political friends and allies were seen in photo opportunities for Instagram. The former Director of Nightlife and Culture, Shawn Townsend, and the former Ward Four council member, Brandon Todd, both shared pictures from the Masters golf tournament on their Instagram accounts.

The Daily Caller contacted Mayor Bowser’s office to question whether her group attended any additional events besides the Masters, but they did not receive a response at the time of publication.

This is clearly a waste of taxpayer funding. Bowser pulled a fast one over her constituents, and no one seemed to care. She jetted off to watch the Masters, took a few friends along, and basically dared anyone to question her about it.

Not to be outdone, there are reports of severe abuse by Tiffany Henyard, who calls herself the “super mayor” of Dolton – a suburb of Chicago and is also the Thornton Township Supervisor. Critics see her differently and have branded her as the “worst mayor in America” due to various accusations against her, such as misusing police raids and spending taxpayer money on luxuries in Las Vegas. Recently, she has also been accused of shielding a political ally involved in a sexual assault case during the Vegas trip, where the alleged victim claims she was fired after speaking out.

Earlier this month, Henyard was criticized by Dolton residents. On Tuesday, she faced similar criticism from residents of Thornton township. During a raucous and chaotic town hall meeting it was obvious that residents have had their fill of Henyard. When questioned about her questionable behavior, she responded by saying, “Everyone wanted to continue being a sh*t show and not really show facts as it relates to what’s really going on in our township.”

She then threw gasoline on an already raging fire when, while holding a golden microphone, she arrogantly stated:

“We’re here to help each other and not hurt each other. And it’s a shame that us, I’m talking to my Black and Brown communities — would sit here and fight.”

She then further enraged the community by allowing her self-importance to overflow by saying:

“Guess what? I am the youth, I am the future, no matter what you think or may say.”

The audience loudly booed and jeered Henyard throughout the meeting. One issue that has repeatedly dogged her is her total lack of transparency. One Dolton resident, Mary Avon, had this to say to Henyard: “When you don’t answer questions, there’s something to hide.”

Henyard constantly blames the media coverage for misrepresenting her commitment to her duties. However, Curtis Watts, a South Holland resident, corrected her: “No, ‘madam supervisor,’ we are not brainwashed. We are fed up.”

One topic that Henyard could not avoid was her part in the sexual assault allegations. Several people spoke out about her lack of transparency. “As a Black woman, I wanna see you protect Black women, and I haven’t seen that, Tiffany,” Trina Downs argued.

Henyard has made headlines in the past by slamming down the race card in an attempt to defer blame for her missteps. In an earlier meeting, this self-indulgent wannabe had the nerve to lecture other blacks in the community.

“Y’all got false narratives out there, and y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all Black. Y’all are Black! And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a Black woman that’s in power. Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves.”

In a previous report, Fox News Digital exposed the fact that Henyard’s combined salary of $300,00 allows her to live like royalty with one indulgence being the frequent use of beauty vendors. She enjoys these perks in a community of 23,000 that has a median income of $24,000.

As if the nauseating arrogance of Henyard isn’t bad enough, Dolton residents stepped on the rake again. In an almost unbelievable display of naiveness, they have hired former Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot to act as a “special investigator” to look into Henyard’s misconduct. Not only is Lightfoot the totally wrong choice, but they will be paying her $400 per hour to do nothing but drag her feet and conspire with Henyard to find nothing wrong.

It’s obvious that neither Bowser nor Henyard should hold any public office. These are two money- and perk-motivated individuals who have a deck full of race cards that they won’t hesitate to play.

It’s also obvious that the residents of Dolton are easily misled. I mean, Lori Lightfoot, … Beetlejuice?  Really?