Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Recent Stories of Biden’s Memory Lapses Show a Clear Cover-Up by the White House and the Liberal Media

The country is divided right now in nearly every possible way. Few Republicans and conservatives watch left wing news networks such as MSNBC and CNN that have repeatedly pushed false narratives and fake news about President Trump, and very few on the left will watch or listen to conservative media as well, even though the right has offered reliable and fair news stories. In this kind of polarized environment, where the Left is desperate to stop former President Trump from coming to power, it is not surprising that the corrupt liberal media continues to try to cover the significant and obvious cognitive failings that President Biden keeps having.

After Robert Hur recently decided not to charge the current President with the mishandling of classified documents even though Biden was far more reckless with classified info than Trump was over a longer timeframe, the left’s spin machine went into overdrive to try to convince voters was fine mentally. Once the special counsel’s report was released, with Hur pointing out Biden couldn’t even remember even basic dates, such as when his son died or even when the president served as vice president. the corrupt left-wing media went into overdrive to convince voters Biden was fine mentally. ABC, the Atlantic, and NBC all wrote stories suggesting that the failed current President was fine. Also, the Justice Department continues to stonewall the Republican Congress’s subpoena to get the full audio of Special Counsel Hur’s interview with the President as well.

This is why recent stories from people who interacted directly with the President are likely to carry added weight for voters who have not already made up their minds about the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Two people with very interesting anecdotes about Biden after interacting with him both recently came forward and told their stories. The first was star college basketball player Donovan Clingan, who recently won a national championship on UConn, and visited the White House to meet with Biden just a couple weeks ago. Clingan said that after the team took a picture with Biden, Biden asked to take a picture with the team just minutes later, because the President did not remember the previous photo having been taken. The college star also said Biden was incoherent and didn’t even acknowledge or appear to know who Dan Hurley, the coach of the team, was.

A recent story by well-respected ESPN journalist Sage Steele about interviewing Biden in 2021. Steele said that ESPN likely had to go over the exact wording of the interview with the White House and she also stated that the network told her not to deviate from the completely scripted series of questions.

The White House and the liberal media’s clear cover-up of Biden’s failing cognitive state and memory issues is clear. Biden recently stated that he had talked to Francois Mitterrand, who died 28 years ago, after talking to the current French leader, Emmanuel Macron. Biden also stated he talked to Helmut Kohl, who died in 2017, confusing the former prime minister of Germany with the current one, Angela Merkel.

One of the central points of Trump’s 2020 campaign was to make clear to voters that Biden would be nothing more than a Trojan horse for the left. That statement could not have proven to be more true. While the left has tried to point out Trump’s cognitive failings, paint critics of the current President such as the special counsel as political, and limit his exposure to the media, Biden is clearly unfit to serve. The fact that the President is in charge as the world faces increasingly volatile times should concern all voters regardless of their political beliefs.