Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How Caitlin Clark’s Success Exposed the Left Again

Politics has been everywhere since the left refused to accept Trump’s victory in 2016. From the far left wing group black lives matter being centered in NBA games during the Pandemic, to the controversy between Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark and LSU player Angel Reese last year, even sports has often been an epicenter for political debate in recent years.

Caitlin Clark has done everything right since bursting on the scene with her play in the women’s NCAA Tournament last year. She’s been gracious, humble, and also able to navigate difficult situations despite barely being an adult. Clark first got on the national radar last season when she led Iowa to the national championship game against LSU and Tigers player Angel Reese. After Iowa lost to LSU in 2023, in one of the most despicable displays of bad sportsmanship, Reese followed Clark around, taunting her, even though Clark had not said anything to Reese or her teammates during the game. Trash talk is part of sports, but following around a player on a losing team and demeaning them after a player has won a national championship is the lowest of the low.

What looked like a straightforward example of bad sportsmanship became a whole another story though, when many on the left in the pathetic national media jumped in with their usual race baiting and false narratives. Leading commentators such as Malika Andrews at the far left network ESPN even tried to defend Reese by claiming that she was being singled out because she was black, while Clark was not being held to the same standard because she was white. An absurd and fake conflict over race was created by the usual race baiters in the press.

Clark refused to fall for the trap being laid by the left. The Catholic player did not criticize Reese at all for her disgusting antics, and she even went so far as to say she thought the LSU player’s behavior was part of the game. She said that Reese shouldn’t be criticized. Clark was gracious, more than she should have been. That didn’t stop many on the left from continuing to embarrass themselves by targeting a player who has been nothing but kind and who has the potential to take the women’s game to higher levels than ever before.

The most recent baseless criticism of Clark came from some left leaning women’s basketball players. Former WNBA star Cheryl Swoopes just outright lied to try to attack Clark, saying her NCAA scoring record was not impressive since she shot a lot and played 5 years. Clark played four years, and her shot totals are not above average. Former women’s star Lynette Woodward even said her record shouldn’t count because the three point line didn’t exist decades ago. Former WNBA star Diana Taurasi and current women’s basketball star Breanna Stewart took shots at Clark as well. Clark didn’t take the bait though, and she led her team to the national championship game this year before the team lost to an undefeated South Carolina team in the championship game.

To many on the left Clark represents what they hate. She is religious and white. One of the biggest differences between the old Democratic party of working class people and unions, as compared to the far left party that exists today, is the way the party talks about and handles the issue of race. Many on the left today are obsessed with ideas of what they call white privilege, identity politics, and the need to look at everything through a racial lens.

The WNBA has failed to be profitable since the league’s inception decades ago for multiple reasons, but the main factor hurting this league is the refusal to give customers what they want. While women’s tennis has flourished in the US and around the world, the WNBA only exists today because the NBA subsidizes the league with TV deals that are jointly negotiated with the NBA. The league openly promotes a left wing political message that alienates nearly half the country.

The now far left Democratic party is controlled by many left wing leaders and members that are intolerant of anyone with a different view than them, even if they are a moral person with good intentions like Caitlin Clark. The completely unwarranted nastiness and hatred directed at Clark from many on the left is yet another sign of how flawed the ideology governing today’s Democratic party is.