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O.J. Simpson and the One Thing Too Few People Discuss

Have I been thinking the wrong way all these years about O.J. Simpson?

Now…before you get the wrong idea…simmer down.

I don’t doubt that O.J. Simpson was a self-absorbed narcissist.

I don’t doubt that Simpson’s talents on the football field attracted the attention of powerful enablers. These enablers, as they do with many other athletes, allowed O.J. Simpson to get away with things that most of us cannot….and it built up and built up and built up, and whatever new misdeed Simpson committed was worse than the one before it. 

And, no, I don’t doubt for a microsecond that all of this enabling metastasized to such a degree that it resulted in Simpson butchering his second wife and her friend Ron Goldman in June 1994. 

There’s no way around it. O.J. Simpson was a monster. Earlier this month, cancer did to him what the justice system, a strapped-in chair and 3,000 volts of electricity should have done 30 years ago.

But here are some things to ponder:

• In 2016, ESPN released a five-part documentary, O.J. Made in America. Each episode is roughly 90 minutes. I was unable to see it when it originally aired. The documentary, however, is newly available on Netflix. As of this writing, I’m three episodes in, more than halfway done. Just an FYI, this is an ESPN production, and parts of it are woke, especially when it examines racial tensions in 1990s Los Angeles. But if you can get past that, the stuff about Simpson is compelling. 

• The documentary doesn’t go into this, but Simpson did serve a few days in juvenile detention in the 1960s, for fighting. He otherwise had no run ins with the law until the late 1980s. He never assaulted his first wife (per this article) as he did his second. He otherwise never displayed any aggressive or violent tendencies until he was in his 40s.

• Judging by old footage, both in Made in America and on YouTube, Simpson, up until around 1988, appeared friendly, easygoing, extremely confident, and even religious. 

• After his 1995 acquittal on murder charges, however, Simpson came across in public as petty and childish, and he gave off tremendous nervous energy. That behavior continued until earlier this month when he died.

• One of Simpson’s associates, who oversaw the Hertz Rental Car corporation, said on Made in America that, in Simpson, he witnessed a dramatic change in temperament.

• By 1989, Nicole Brown Simpson told people that her husband had locked her in the closet whenever she confronted him about his many infidelities. She also said he physically beat her. Photos and O.J.’s rap sheet document that she told the truth. 

• A few years later, after Simpson and Nicole separated, Simpson stalked her as she dated and even slept with other men. 

• In 1994, Simpson was arrested on charges of double murder, and the physical evidence, not to mention the circumstantial evidence, was overwhelming. Enabled by the idiot Judge Lance Ito (speaking of enablers), a jury of low IQ idiots acquitted Simpson of all charges in 1995. 

• Around 2006, Simpson more or less confessed to killing his second wife and also Ronald Goldman, but only as a hypothetical…the same way a man confesses a legal misdeed to his attorney, but only under the guise that his “friend” did it….and not him.

• Simpson later lost his temper and lashed out violently in Las Vegas and, for it, served nine years in prison. 

Even though I have yet to see the remaining two episodes of this documentary, I wonder if it will address the topic of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). If you don’t already know, CTE is a brain disorder likely caused by repeated head injuries, often from military combat or contact sports, including boxing or football. 

Symptoms include trouble with thinking and emotions, physical problems, impulsive behavior, and, most pertinent to Simpson, aggression and emotional instability.

Late in his life, Simpson himself suspected he had CTE. 

NFL player Aaron Hernandez, as you recall, also murdered someone. Hernandez later committed suicide. Afterwards, physicians examined Hernandez’s brain for CTE. Their results came back positive. 

Last week, Simpson’s family had his corpse, including his brain, cremated. 

CTE, connected to Simpson or not, deserves further study.

Did Simpson have CTE? 

We’ll never know…ever. 

Keep in mind, I make no excuses for Simpson and his despicable conduct. He should have paid for the murders when he was here on Earth. He didn’t. Simpson recently came face-to-face with God. This time Johnnie Cochran was unavailable. Whatever happened afterwards we can only imagine. 

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