Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Making Sense of Biden’s Purposeful Destruction of America

As we know, Joe Biden is not an intelligent man. He has lied repeatedly about his scholastic achievements, including false claims he had three undergraduate degrees, a full ride scholarship, and finished in the top half of his class in law school (he actually finished in the bottom 11%).

Still, even without awareness of his academic falsehoods and known plagiarism, a cursory review of his career in politics would reveal a personality utterly devoid of conviction. Over decades, Biden has proven himself to be a malleable lump of clay, a changeling who morphs into a composite creature he believes will give him the greatest chance to fulfill his personal ambitions.

Politicians like Biden often carve out a niche in their district or state, where they spend a lifetime enjoying the perks of holding national office. However, the intense scrutiny of presidential politics generally serves as a mechanism to filter out seedy, dishonest, megalomaniac candidates. Notice I didn’t say that those left standing were the best possible contenders for the office, but at least people like Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie and Gary Hart were disqualified by the process.

Which explains exactly why Joe Biden never got past single digits in his two failed runs for president in 1988 and 2008. In essence, even liberals—as opposed to modern leftists—had the wisdom to see through Joe’s schtick. If you had even a modicum of intuition, you knew there was something phony about this guy from the beginning. Thus, Americans, much more educated and wiser in the 80s compared to their contemporary counterparts, purged him like a spoiled piece of meat.

Understanding the Modern Joe Biden

Joe Biden in 2024 is the perfect storm of traits and characteristics you wouldn’t want in a president. Most importantly, he’s clearly in the early to mid-stages of cognitive decline. Anyone who has a loved one with dementia recognizes the signs. This condition is devastating in any circumstance, but for the person holding the most powerful position in the world, it’s potentially catastrophic.

Coupled with the fact that Biden has never been principled, it’s a recipe for disaster, and that’s exactly what has unfolded over the past four years. Just take a look at how his positions have shifted radically over time, changing not on principle, but rather, to attract enough voters to win elections.

* In 2006, Biden said we should focus on “limiting abortions.” In 2020, he vehemently defended Roe.

* In 1977, Biden declared that busing would set back the civil rights movement. In 2019, he denied opposing busing even though his statement was recorded on video. In 2021, he staunchly supported the fake concept of systemic racism.

* In 2002, Biden advocated for a strong military presence in Afghanistan. In 2021, he abruptly withdrew from Afghanistan in a botched operation that cost 13 American lives and left billions of dollars in armaments in the hands of the Taliban.

* In 2006, Biden said American employers should be punished for hiring illegal aliens. He actually used the word “illegals.” As of this writing, in May 2024, Biden has orchestrated the greatest mass migration of people in human history, opening America’s borders and allowing at least 10 million aliens into the U.S. since he took office.

* In 1994, Biden vigorously supported Bill Clinton’s “Three strikes and you’re out” crime bill designed to put repeat felons away for life. By 2024, Biden declared his support for the legislation was a “mistake,” and while not directly backing the defund the police movement, he said in 2020, “I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness.”

 Willful Destruction of America, Pandering to Leftists or Age-Related Incompetence?

One of the first tangible signs of mental decline is the inability to engage in second-level thought. In other words, the afflicted person can understand the problem, but devising the best possible solution is outside their mental capacity. Clearly, any rational person with an ounce of objectivity can see Biden’s policies on energy infrastructure destruction, spending, the deficit, the illegal alien border invasion and the futile proxy war in Ukraine can only end in disaster for America.

So, why is he doing it?

Disastrous Tax Proposal

I suspect it’s a combination of his growing senility blending into an instinctual desire to reflect the will of the most vocal segments of his voting base. If we didn’t already have proof of the kind of purposeful and ignorant incompetence that will ultimately lead to economic collapse and societal chaos, Biden’s recent introduction of a new tax policy will surely convince us.

Relying on the inability of a large percentage of the American public to understand the concept of unintended consequences, Biden and woke leftists have been steadily pushing a catastrophic proposal to tax unrealized capital gains.

I recognize that many adults living in blue cities don’t have investment accounts, but if they remain wedded to the false narrative that the rich became wealthy through deceit and at the expense of poor people, they will ultimately suffer the most, as usual. If the fervor to “screw the rich,” succeeds on this one, the poor and middle class are going to end up screwing themselves in ways they couldn’t imagine.

Essentially, an unrealized capital gain is a theoretical increase in the value of an investment. For example, if I buy a stock for $100 a share, and it increases in value to $150 a share, I have an unrealized gain of $50. Throughout American history, the gain on the investment was not taxed until the owner sold it.

But leftists and Joe Biden want to change all that. They want unrealized capital gains taxed annually. It’s difficult to imagine how that would even work on a practical level, but you can bet it would be a taxpayer nightmare of unimaginable proportions. Since the government is always out to chisel the taxpayer, one can envision the system working the same way current capital gains tax operates: you sell an investment at a profit; you pay tax on the entire gain immediately. If you lose money on the investment, you’re capped at deducting $3000 a year.

Yeah, that’s fair.

Biden has proposed his unrealized capital gains tax of 25% for those with over $100 million in assets.

“Whew,” you’re saying right now, “I don’t have anywhere close to that amount.”

Sure, but you already know how this works. They’ll take the money from the ultra-rich first and spend it. Then, when deadbeats, drug addicts and illegal aliens demand more free money, the threshold for unrealized capital gains will drop down to something like $50 million, and they’ll keep lowering it until they can get their grubby hands on your 401k money and the equity in your home.

Still, put that aside for a moment. Imagine you’re Elon Musk, whose $300 billion fortune is comprised in large part of stock and other holdings. Under Biden’s plan, Musk would owe an estimated $50 billion in unrealized capital gains. He would be very motivated to sell all his shares and holdings before the new law went into effect since he would “only” have to pay 37% instead of the 45% Biden outlines in his proposal.

If you’re Musk, what would you do? I guarantee it would be sell, sell, sell before Biden’s idiotic law went into effect. Following closely behind would be Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., etc.

As the mega billionaires rush for the exits, what do you think will happen to the share price for the holdings they’re selling? Once the small investor with a million-dollar investment account catches wind of what’s going on, what do you think they will do?

In short, this imbecilic idea is the most expedient road to a complete collapse of the markets and a depression that would quickly follow on main street.

Is the idea that “all taxes are good” so ingrained in Slow Joe’s failing memory that he can’t understand the consequences of such a disastrous idea? Is he morphing yet again into another changeling he believes reflects the will of his constituency, or is he knowingly driving America over the cliff on purpose, hoping history will regard him as a hero who changed our once great country into a socialist crap hole?

Whatever the case, we simply cannot afford a second Biden term, especially since he doesn’t have another election to win.

The prospect of this mentally diminished partisan without core principles taking the oath of office for a second time is chilling to the bone.

We must invest in this election. Sitting on the sidelines and bitching is no longer an option.