Saturday, May 25, 2024

Taxpayers Footing The Bill For A Freak That Wants To Be Both Man And Woman

In a world where depravity of thought is rampant, and morals are disintegrating sexual and deviant anomalies begin to increase. Like borders that define the boundaries of a country, morals define the boundaries of society.

Last week the National Post reported that a Canadian court ruled unanimously that the taxpayers of the city of Ontario must fund one resident’s selfish surgery to construct a vagina while leaving his penis intact.

The court ruled that the city’s refusal to pay for this absurd request violated the Charter for personal security. According to the Government of Canada’s website, the Charter refers to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which was created in 1982 and is part of the country’s constitution.

The National Post reported that woke Judge Breese Davies, one of the judges involved wrote:

“The Charter-protected right to security of the person safeguards individual dignity and autonomy. Forcing those who were transgender or non-binary to part with their privates to receive state funding for a vaginoplasty would be inconsistent with the values of equality and security of the person.”

To understand how absurd this ruling is consider this simple fact. A hermaphrodite is a sexually reproducing organism that produces both male and female gametes. Animal species in which individuals are of different sexes, either male or female but not both, are gonochoric, which is the opposite of hermaphroditic.

Human beings are not hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites don’t exist. That outdated term implies that a person is both fully male and entirely female, which isn’t biologically possible. This court’s ruling does nothing but fuel the insanity of the left. It is outrageous that a court in a civilized country would punish rational people to satisfy the preposterous whims of a self-absorbed fool. This is not the proper interpretation of a charter that is supposed to protect “human rights.” This is a violation of human rights to appease a growing mental sickness initiated by and embraced by the left.

According to a report by The Post, the left is considering the recent court ruling as a victory, as it may lead to the expansion of coverage for “bottom surgery” for individuals who identify as non-binary, meaning they do not identify solely as male or female. The plaintiff in the case, referred to as K.S. in court documents, filed a lawsuit against the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) in 2022 after being denied coverage for the requested procedure, which they claimed was a necessary part of his gender reassignment.

The acceptance of absurdity is a sign of a society imploding. The court of law in question failed to uphold the law. The court’s ruling disregarded scientific facts and truth, instead relying on the opinions of a select few who were able to exert political influence.

This is a farcical ruling, and every judge involved in this court needs to be recalled if possible and, at the very least, placed under extreme scrutiny. What a sickening miscarriage of justice and common sense.