Saturday, May 25, 2024

California Politician Tries To Overturn Legislation That Releases Sex Offenders

California is a sanctuary state for not only illegals but insanity of every type. One issue that has affected many cities and states under Democratic rule is related to the justice system. California is known for its leniency towards criminals and for treating them like fish. This essentially means that the state’s justice system enforces a catch-and-release program, which puts the safety of its citizens at risk and shows little regard for the victims.

In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, California State Assemblyman Bill Essayli discussed new legislation to prevent the release of dangerous pedophile illegal immigrants back into the community and comply with requests from ICE for deportation.

State law requires law enforcement to release convicted illegal immigrants back into the community.

According to Essayli:

“The California legislature is very radical and extreme. They have passed sanctuary state laws that say it is illegal for any sheriff or any member of law enforcement to cooperate with ICE or to recognize any ICE detainers.”

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement: 

“Detainers request that state or local law enforcement agencies maintain custody of the noncitizen for a period not to exceed 48 hours beyond the time the individual would otherwise be released, allowing Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) to assume custody for removal purposes in accordance with federal law.”

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Assemblyman Essayli announced last week his intention to introduce legislation that would mandate California law enforcement agencies to cooperate with immigration authorities. This legislation would enable authorities to detain and deport illegal immigrants who have been convicted of sex crimes against minors.

This follows the recent arrest of a Colombian illegal immigrant in Boston, Massachusetts, who had previously been convicted of sex crimes against a minor in California.

Essayli released a video statement on Wednesday regarding that arrest in Massachusetts. The individual arrested was an illegal immigrant who had previously been convicted of sexual intercourse with a minor in California at the end of 2022. Despite receiving a four-year prison sentence in California, the individual was released and later arrested in Boston, Massachusetts.

Essayli: “Hi, I’m Assemblyman Bill Essayli here with an urgent legislative announcement. Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested a Colombian illegal immigrant who had been convicted of sex crimes against a minor in the state of California. ICE issued a detainer to release him into their custody for deportation. San Bernadino was unable to honor the detainer due to California sanctuary state laws. Yes, the laws of California prohibit law enforcement from handing over convicted child pedophiles to ICE for purposes of deportation. This is unacceptable in a civilized society. That is why today I am announcing that I have introduced legislation to reverse this misguided policy in the state of California and allow law enforcement to hand over pedophiles, people convicted of child sex offenses, to immigration to deport them, and to get them out of our country. They have no business remaining here. Thank God ICE was able to find and apprehend this individual before he was able to hurt anyone else. This should never happen, and as lawmakers, we have an obligation and a duty to protect the citizens of this nation. And that is what I intend to do with this bill. Thank you.”

Jordan Conradson, of the Gateway Pundit then Interviewed the Assemblyman concerning the legislation:

Essayli: I woke up yesterday, and I saw Bill Melugin’s reporting. He does great work for the border. And he was reporting how ICE had arrested this pedophile, this child sex offender in Massachusetts, who was released from San Bernadino County Jail, and I immediately engaged because I know the Sheriff of San Bernardino, and it was not his fault. He was compelled by state law to release him into the community. The California legislature is very radical and extreme. They have passed sanctuary state laws that say it is illegal for any sheriff or any member of law enforcement to cooperate with ICE or to recognize any ICE detainers. It is illegal for them to do that, which is outrageous. So what I did is I had my staff craft a very narrow bill. Let’s make it very clear, if you’re a convicted child sex offender, you must be handed over to ICE. So, it’s going to require local law enforcement to cooperate with immigration authorities when an illegal alien criminal has been convicted of sex crimes against children. That’s what the bill does.

Conradson: Why stop at just pedophiles? Don’t you agree that all sanctuary laws in the state should be abolished?

Essayli: 100 percent. I mean, if I was running the place, I would get rid of all of it. But we have a super-majority Democrat legislature here and what they usually do, their tactic is if you just bring a blanket policy, they’re gonna pull out a grandma or some sob story of some guy who was popped for smoking weed, and they say, “oh, it’s not fair to deport this person who’s part of our community, blah, blah, blah.” So, to avoid all those ridiculous arguments, I brought a very narrow bill. So, I said, let’s just focus on illegal aliens, who’ve done the worst thing ever, which is commit a horrible act against a child. So, what is your excuse? I want to hear from the Democrats. What is your explanation and justification for shielding that individual from deportation? So, it’s a strategy to hold them accountable and expose their extreme, radical viewpoint. We did something similar last year with SB14, where we try to make child sex trafficking a serious felony. It initially was killed in the Public Safety Committee, and because of the outcry from the public, Newsom actually picked up the phone and called the Speaker of the Assembly and said, “What the hell are you guys doing? You guys need to reverse this.” It was making him look bad. So, we’ll see if we can shame them into doing the right thing again here.

Conradson: This guy was arrested on sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor. It carried a prison sentence of about four years, how have you figured out how he got out of prison or custody so quickly?

Essayli: What they’ve done with the prison system in California is a whole another story. They have dumped prisoners out on the street because of our laws here. We went from 180,000 prisoners; now we’re down to 90,000 prisoners. So, what they’ve done is they’ve made it harder to keep people in prison for a long time. So, it’s not uncommon for people to serve no more than half their sentence in the state of California. So, if you’re sentenced to four years, you’ll never do more than two years, and now they’re coming up with all kinds of credits and ways to expedite even that timeline to get people out of prison.

Conradson: I thought you asked a great question on Twitter. Why do California Democrats support pedophiles? Do you know why that might be?

Essayli: Well, let’s see what they have to say. I’m gonna give them the opportunity to respond. So, I posed the question because that’s the effect of their policy is they are shielding and protecting pedophiles. So, let’s see; maybe that wasn’t their intent, and now they have the opportunity to do the right thing. And if not, then they can explain to us why they seek to protect pedophiles. I’d like to know the answer myself.

Conradson: Do you find it strange that the same party protecting these pedophiles is the same party that’s pushing this perverted sexual education, telling kids they are old enough and mature enough to choose their own gender and sexual identities in public schools?

Essayli: Make no mistake the Democrat Party, the radical elements of the Democratic Party are after your kids. They want to raise your kids. They want to indoctrinate your kids. And so it is totally consistent with their radical ideology, because they’re making a play for the next generation. And look, if you can convince a child that they can pick any number of genders, you can pretty much convince them of anything. So they’re making a play to separate children from their parents.

The laws in California undoubtedly favor the criminal element. A society without detergents creates anarchy, which is exactly what the radical left wants. These laws need to be overturned so hopefully, Essayli can reinitiate a commonsense approach to eliminate this lunacy.