Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Left’s Big Lie about the Nonexistent Disparity between Men and Women’s pay on Display Again

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard this incorrect but often repeated lie from the left many times. There is no bigger falsehood in national politics than the absurd narrative pushed by many on the left that women aren’t paid the same as men for doing the same work. America is a capitalist country, and the free market does not care about race, gender, or ethnicity.

Caitlin Clark lit up the Women’s NCAA tournament this past month, and she was just drafted number 1 by the Indiana Fever, a WNBA team. Still, when Clark was drafted and her contract became public, some on the left, including media publications such as the Independent, and NFL quarterback Russel Wilson, quickly resorted to their usual divisive rhetoric and false narratives, by suggesting Clark isn’t getting paid enough, since the number one pick will earn nearly $350,000 over four years.

The WNBA has been in existence for over 25 years, and the league has never once been profitable. The league exists because the NBA subsidizes the business by jointly negotiating TV deals with them. Essentially what happens is that the NBA pays the networks to broadcast WNBA games and then WNBA players still get a significant amount of their pay from these TV deals. There are successful women’s sports leagues in the US and worldwide, tennis is the best example of one. The WNBA has failed not because of sexism, but because the product isn’t that good, the games are too slow and low scoring. The league is also hurt by the far-left messaging promoted by executives and players that alienates half the country – which happens to be the half that contains most of the sports fans.

Supposed sexism has never had anything to do with the pay of athletes or women in the workplace in general, that is simply not how capitalism works. If corporations could pay women less than men they would hire all women and save money, but they can’t. Naomi Osaka, a female tennis player, has had years she made over 20 million a year in on and off the court. She made more than 99.9 percent of male tennis players that year.

The left never misses an opportunity to try to divide the country, and the false narrative that women are paid less than men for doing the same work is a blatant and outright lie. Caitlin Clark will make more money playing basketball this year than most professional male basketball players will make overseas. She’s also only going to play for the WNBA for only several months, the league is not a full-time job, and many WNBA players play overseas when the league’s season ends. The WNBA season is also far shorter than the NBA’s as well. Clark, like other well-known female athletes in the US, will also likely make millions doing endorsement deals. Comparing male and female athletes playing in separate leagues with vastly different revenue makes absolutely no sense on any level. The left can try to lie and divide the country, but American men and women both compete and try to provide value in the same capitalist economy, and they are paid the same.