Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Real Reason the Left is Putting Trump on Trial

Very rarely are elections involving an incumbent President about anything other than the record of that individual. While obviously both candidates and their body of work matter, the primarily focus of a presidential election where an incumbent is running to get reelected is whether or not that leader did a good enough job to earn a second term.

All election cycles are unique, but the best-known presidential elections where incumbents have been up for reelection, such as Reagan-Carter in 1980, Bush-Clinton in 1992, and Trump-Biden in 2020, were almost entirely viewed by the public as a referendum on a sitting President.

The difference in 2020 was that the media went far out of the way to distort coverage of Trump and suppress negative information about Biden. The former President still got more votes than any incumbent in the history of the country.

This is why Republicans, as well as nonpartisans in the national media, can’t fall for the Democrats’ game now.

While, obviously, everyone who is remotely objective knows these sham trials in New York, Washington, Atlanta and South Florida are efforts to hurt Trump politically, the real benefit to Biden of these court cases is that the national media is not talking about him and his failed record. Every day the national media focuses on some bizarre statement in court by a witness at an absurd hush money case, it’s a day the media isn’t talking about the border, inflation, or Biden’s cognitive failings.

There is a reason the Justice department is refusing to release the audio of Biden’s recent interview with special counsel Robert Hur. The Democrats are trying to make the election about Trump because Biden can’t run on his record. Even Fox News has frequently fallen for this game, with the website constantly featuring stories about meaningless and irrelevant statements from these sham trials at the expense of far more important and substantive stories about the border, the conflicts abroad, and inflation.

The former President had a strong record across the board on every issue ranging from the economy to COVID, and Trump’s legacy looks even stronger in hindsight. The states of Michigan and Ohio had their best economic years ever when he was president, inflation was low, the border was secure, and the world was peaceful. Trump’s response to COVID also looks even stronger in hindsight as well. Even the New York Times was forced to admit that the number of COVID deaths was likely overcounted when he was president by nearly 35%. More people have also died from COVID under Biden than Trump.

The Democrats don’t want to talk about Biden’s pathetic and failed record, and the left also doesn’t want to talk about policy. Trump’s economic plan, which was successful when he was in office, is focused on cutting taxes, deregulation, drilling, and bringing back manufacturing jobs to America. The net effect of Biden’s policies is a war on the middle class. The left wants open borders, high taxes, and to eliminate the oil and gas industry. The Democrats have nothing to offer working-class people, so the left wants to make the election about Trump and racism, even though the black and Latino community did far better economically under the former President than these individuals are doing under Biden.

The left is trying to change the entire landscape of the 2024 Presidential election cycle, and the national media is falling – all too often willingly – for this game. The current crime wave, inflation, the open border, and the conflicts abroad, are real stories. What the head of the National Enquirer said at Trump’s sham trial may garner ratings, but that story is not real news. Every day the Republican party and the media are talking about Trump’s absurd trials is a day that the failed record of Biden is not the focus of the news cycle.

The cases against Trump are not just designed to paint a fake picture of Trump as a criminal. The Left is trying desperately to make the 2024 election about anyone except the failed and corrupt current President.