Saturday, May 25, 2024

Woke Protest Cancelled Because Of DEI

A scheduled woke protest suffered a setback because one of the left’s standards wasn’t met. In the “You Can’t Make It Up” department, a planned protest at the University of Washington was canceled because it wasn’t “diverse” enough.

Seriously, is there anything more entertaining than watching these spoiled brats fall flat on their narcissistic faces? I haven’t been involved in many physical protests in my life, but it seems to me that if I were planning one, I wouldn’t care who showed up. Apparently, though, quotas, even at a protest, are important to these woke lunatics. Think about that: the cause takes a back seat to theatrics; it’s just so ridiculously woke.

Jason Rantz, who has his finger on the pulse of the radicals in his area, hosts a conservative talk show on 770 KTTH-AM in Seattle. He reported that the UW Progressive Student Union pushed back its “UW Palestine encampment” planned for Thursday after it was showered with criticism that not enough Muslim and Arab students were involved.

The liberal administration, which should have intervened on behalf of the Jewish students on campus, instead made it clear that they were not standing in the way of the encampment. According to Ranz, they informed Jewish leaders that the school would not intervene unless “the event escalates and threatens life safety.”

Fortunately, the organizers were blinded by their own ignorance and the “whiteness” of some of the other useful idiots. The New York Post reported that the school’s Progressive Student Union stated Thursday, in a now-deleted announcement that:

“After long discussions, we have had to make the hard decision to postpone our action for several days. We want to make sure this encampment is a better reflection of the UW community, and having even greater unity with Muslim, Palestinian, and Arab students.”

According to a new Instagram post, the encampment is scheduled for today (Monday). Whether the racial “quotas” will be met remains to be seen. However, this group of radicals has already been exposed; clearly, an issue that is supposedly so important to them still takes a back seat to something as petty as identity politics.

The real losers here, besides the clowns that want to disrupt an American university over something they can’t possibly understand, is the faculty at this institution of lower learning. They have now missed two opportunities to step up and do the right thing. Instead, they are willing to wait until someone is injured or life-threatening circumstances arise.

This is a group of thugs that want to dictate the day-to-day operation of an American university and the administration is handing them the keys. Instead, here’s an idea: arrest the disruptors, expel them, and sue their parents for any costs involved as a result of their DEI-approved protest.