Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision Provides a Pathway for a Harmonious America

Believe it or not, prior to the 1850s, abortions were legal in the United States, at least up until the point of “quickening,” when the mother could feel the baby moving in the womb. There were no mass protests or violence from either pro or anti-abortion advocates during that era, which is somewhat remarkable considering the 1800s were quite puritanical and religiously draconian relative to the 21st century.

In 1857, the American Medical Association was a fledgling organization desperately trying to become relevant and establish itself as the premier authority on ethical matters related to medicine. The group saw abortion as an issue they could exploit, and they brought the practice into focus with a call for a nationwide ban. Ultimately, this effort proved successful, and at least 40 laws prohibiting abortion were codified into law between 1860-1880. These restrictions ultimately drove the practice underground, and by the 1960s, at least 1.2 million illegal abortions were performed every year by unqualified frauds or quacks who had lost their medical license. In 1965, 17% of reported deaths attributed to pregnancy and childbirth were associated with illegal abortion.

The evidence is clear that outright bans did not solve the abortion dilemma.

Roe v. Wade

In 1973, the Supreme Court overturned abortion restrictions nationwide in the infamous Roe v. Wade case. Most people are familiar with the case and its outcome… Hell, leftists school teachers have enshrined it as a kind of Feminist Independence Day, for that matter. Still, few know the framework of the decision was based on a theoretical violation of the 14th amendment. The Court used tortured logic to ultimately arrive at the conclusion that abortion was a woman’s implicit right to privacy.

Naturally, this decision was poorly received by those who believe life begins at conception, and as a result, the battle over abortion raged uninterrupted for five decades.

The Roberts’ Court Overturns Roe and Provides a Blueprint for the Future

In 2022, the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, effectively overturned Roe in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. At first glance, it was assumed the Court was returning us to the pre-Roe national ban on abortions. However, in its wisdom, and I mean that sincerely, the Supreme Court knowingly or unwittingly provided us with the blueprint for saving America. By rejecting the unitary state approach to government that authoritarian leftists advocate, and instead, offering a glimpse into a confederalist future, the Court demonstrated a path forward that might actually keep the Republic intact.

In essence, each state can now set its own abortion policy. This de-centralized approach is exactly what the country craves in this era of extreme individualism. Despite leftist authoritarians relentlessly pushing the country towards a single set of laws and regulations designed by them, the Supreme Court relieved pressure from the bubble of mistrust and animosity by allowing smaller groups of like-minded people to craft abortion laws that conform more closely to their own beliefs.

The left’s faux outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision was predictable:

How Americans lost their right to abortions

Abortion bans put millions of women and girls at risk, UN experts say

Roe Anniversary Is a Painful Reminder of What the Right Took Away

Abortion Bans Strip People of Their Human Rights

With all the hysteria, you would think the Court had ruled abortion was now illegal across the entire nation, and the crime carried a sentence of life imprisonment or execution.

Yet, a check of current state abortion laws as of this writing revealed something unexpected. Remarkably, 29 states still allow unrestricted access to abortion with an average maximum limitation of 22 weeks, roughly in line with Roe. Another seven states have a restriction of 6-18 weeks. Only 13 states have an outright ban on abortion. Arizona, seemingly always an oddball, can’t decide.

Perhaps more startling is the fact that seven states allow late term abortions, literally up to the point of viability.

It’s pretty clear that the left’s claim that their “abortion rights” have been callously ripped away by right-wing fanatics is an abject lie. If a woman wants an abortion, and her state prohibits it, or she was so irresponsible she waited past the deadline, she only needs to book a flight to another state that offers the desired abortion services.

In the alternative, if abortion is such a big part of your life that you simply can’t tolerate living in a state that prohibits the practice, you’ll have to move. This phenomenon is happening all over the country where oppressive leftist states like California, New York and Illinois are bleeding citizens fleeing from higher taxes, stifling regulations and psychotic social policies.

This kind of government decentralization is critical for the survival of our nation. If the left’s relentless effort to force us into a monolithic unitarian government has taught us anything, it’s that what works in California will not work in Texas. The animosity, anger and hatred we see unfolding every day is the result of the left forcing people with extremely disparate philosophies and ideologies to live under policies they detest.

Going forward, our goal as a nation should be to disassemble the federal government until its only remaining authority relates exclusively to matters of national interest, such as defense, roads, interstate commerce, foreign affairs, monetary stability, banking, currency, disputes between the states, food and drug safety and (unfortunately) the environment.

Literally everything else, and I mean everything related to governance, should be left to the individual states to decide. This includes taxation, welfare, business, commerce, retirement programs, immigration, social policy and healthcare. Despite what woke leftists tell us, we are freer, happier and more prosperous when we live under laws and regulations we believe serve our own interests.

Mark my words. A decade from now, if the states are still allowed to set their own abortion policy, the bitterness that surrounds the issue will have largely evaporated. Unfortunately, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, happiness, freedom and harmony are antithetical to what leftists want for America, so expect to see the demands and pressure to legalize abortion nationally to continue.