Saturday, May 18, 2024

We Will Have to Join Forces With People We Don’t Like to Save This Country

Bill Maher. Elon Musk. Aaron Rodgers. Stephen A Smith. Joe Rogan. Tucker Carlson. Alex Jones. Dr. Phil.

These are all names that likely would not fit inside a traditional box of people waking up America to the truth.

I have made it clear in my work that I believe in the power of public opinion, and that the divide between those awake to a general sense of the truth about the mass psychosis inflicted on us for decades and those who are too far behind to even try to catch up is widening by the week. Story after story has been dropping in recent months, seemingly in orchestrated, manageable fashion at times, building the understanding of said truth in the minds of many and embarrassingly revealing the still great number who have zero clue that almost everything we’ve grown up with is a lie.

I have also just recently raised the question on where that growing court of public opinion that will eventually tip exponentially in the favor of true justice is even taking us. I still hold out hope that the United States of America was indeed founded on the potential to be great under God, but I have grown ever more doubtful that this greatness can translate to true goodness, even holiness. For this must be the purpose of any venture, whether it be big or small, especially if we claim to be “one nation under God.” The pursuits of life, liberty, and happiness are false idols if we do not intrinsically seek holiness in the midst of them.

Before we even have a chance at holiness as a nation must come one crucial turn of virtue–and that is the truth.


Sheer Absurdity Has Woken Up a Nation, Yes. Now What?

Exposure of silent, destructive termites is the first step in ridding one’s home of them. The metaphor applies effortlessly to the revelation of corruption, indeed evil, that has infiltrated our American government, media, and entertainment industry. Every month, there is a new cycle of story hooks that wake up more and more waves of Americans to insidious realities like draconian health mandates, child trafficking and torture, government-sponsored false flags, color revolutions, and the creation of money-laundering, totalitarian wars all over the world, just to name a very select few. It is one reason I sometimes believe this is being orchestrated by a higher hand, because the mass mind control we are under can only be broken slowly and gently, as frustrating as that can be to some folks who have seen the dawn and are waiting with angst for others to join them.

The latest trend in this perhaps providential orchestration is the cacophony of voices now making the truth movement the popular movement.

In other words, it is becoming the cool thing to resist the establishment. It is becoming the cool thing to join in on the conspiracy theories, because people are realizing since 2020 how spot on those conspiracy theorists always seem to turn out to be.

Bill Maher As Ally?

Bill Maher, comedian and talk show host on the Left, a man who once named his production company Kid Love Productions and wore the cultish red shoes with friends, has suddenly become an advocate for children’s rights and is shouting out against pedophilia in our society–namely in Hollywood. Here’s one piece with the full video below:

“Contrary to current progressive dogma: Children aren’t miniature adults wise beyond their years, they’re morons. They’re gullible morons who’ll believe anything and just want to please grown ups. They don’t have any frame of reference, so they normalize whatever is happening.

That’s why endlessly talking about gender to six-year-olds isn’t just inappropriate, it’s what the law would call entrapment. Which means enticing people into doing something they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

And if you think some of that isn’t going on with gender in schools, you’re not watching enough TikTok videos.

There’s a certain kind of activist these days who wants to take heterosexuality and lump it in with patriarchy and sexism and racism and tell kids: ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you were anything but that?’

That also seems to be the theme of a lot of kids books these days. Maybe we should think about giving kids a break from our culture wars for a minute, or at least until the election is over.”

As one social media account said, Hell hath frozen over.

The fact that he’s doing this after confessing that he is afraid Trump might send him to Gitmo produces stops in this rabbit hole that are beyond the scope of this post.

A question one might have is, if Maher is one of these freaks who has preyed on children, why would I listen to him? It is a common thing, for well-meaning people, to automatically discount what some individuals say based on how they feel about them. It doesn’t matter if the person is speaking the truth or not. The message is thrown out with the messenger. Such is a consequence of living in a culture that values celebrity idol worship and endorsement over simple truth. We identify our own opinions based on the opinions of people we like. Here is an example of this in a comment from Matt Kim, an X personality that, generally speaking, gets it I believe, even though I don’t follow him closely:

Even if it’s something you agree with…

Here is the insanity that people I believe have the capacity to get over quickly if they just stop and think. Why would anyone tune out a Bill Maher exposing the terrible crimes committed against children based on the reasoning that Maher has perhaps committed terrible crimes against children? If you really stop to think about this, it is insanity. And it doesn’t matter, as some commentators suggest, if Maher gives away his real political motive in the end.

And I would ask, yet again, why on Earth, after Maher has spilled the information, would his motive even matter? If liberals in his audience are going to ignore atrocities against children based on their hero’s ultimate “motive,” that’s their (enormous) problem.

Elon Musk has the correct response here. Matt Kim, with all respect, doesn’t.

I don’t know why Maher is suddenly sounding not like a hardcore Leftist but instead a reasonable human being, even if he does have to save face and crack a political haha at the end. I don’t know why he is suddenly throwing so many of his ilk under the bus. Maybe he is capitalizing on the popularity of the truth movement. Maybe he had an epiphany in his sleep one night that he wanted to repent and shout the name of Jesus to all corners of the world. Maybe he is seeking to undo whatever deal he may have done with the devil by reversing track entirely.

Maybe it’s none of those things. Maybe it’s all of them. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter in the least.

It is always, always, a victory for good when a person of influence takes that influence and uses it to spread truth. What’s more, it may be even more of a victory because of the specific brainwashed audience Maher typically captivates. We will need at least some number of that audience to win this war against the enemy among us.

Don’t ever shoot the messenger when the message is good, especially when that message will save children, especially when we need as many people as possible–even voters we may usually disagree with–to remove from power these swamp creatures who don’t give one damn about us and are selling us out every single day to a totalitarian New World Order.

Other Names, Same Victories

In my opening I mentioned several other names. Indeed, this mix of usual and unusual suspects is giving the former more and more credibility by the week. What’s most important, and is similar to a point I made about Maher above, these singular truths are being disseminated among a variety of voices and audiences that is reversing the “flood the zone” tactic Mockingbird media employed on us for decades. In a nutshell, this means that there are only a few entities governing what seems like an endless assortment of channels and media sources. In turn this means that these few entities can consolidate a single nationwide, propagandic voice and flood it throughout the media universe–a repetition Americans have not suspected and have been brainwashed by.

In other words, if ESPN is saying the same thing as ABC News, it must be true. But both of these entities are owned by Disney. It is an overly simplified example that can get much more pernicious, but you get the point.

A controversial figure like Alex Jones, who himself followed on the heels of the more obscure Bill Cooper over twenty years ago, is not at all on the fringes anymore. Jones recently sang the praises of Dr Phil McGraw for his outspokenness concerning the Covid fraud. Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson recently teamed up for a three-hour conversation that is pure fire judging by just the several short clips I’ve listened to. As I presented above, Elon Musk backed Maher’s efforts in a telling X post. ESPN obnoxious talking head Stephen A Smith is supporting Trump in the face of a similar persecution Smith’s largely black audience identifies with. And NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to be that voice in the wilderness concerning any number of political points, particularly the mRNA jab that we all were granted the freedom to either take or not take.

A cynic might say that Smith is only doing this because blacks are overwhelmingly turning toward Trump and there is nothing to lose now. A cynic might say he should have been saying this the whole time, in the spirit of Rodgers who has had to endure the brunt of Leftist media for what truthers would call his “based” political views.

I wouldn’t at all disagree with that. But Smith’s recent stance only proves my ongoing point about public opinion–when the masses are on board with what has to take place in the way of justice, the leaders will follow.

And like Smith, the same might be said about any number of truth tellers. Just in the mix I present today, there are true trailblazers and there are those who move hesitantly and only when they believe they will not be destroyed publicly.

That is true, and what is also true is that we need both to bring about justice and a new rallying cry for rule of law. Not to mention a complete ousting of every single crook running our institutions.

We have needed the giants’ shoulders to stand on, but as Alex Jones himself said, we shouldn’t simply rest in the fact that we woke up a long time ago or hold frustration with people for taking longer to see the light. We should relish the fact that our hard work has spread so quickly. We should live by the notion that it doesn’t matter in the least what we know or when we knew it if we don’t win this war. It would be good practice to thank God that you were blessed with the knowledge earlier than some, but also to acknowledge the reality that we weren’t the first either, that we too–maybe not that long ago–were buried in the abyss of mass psychosis and ignorance. When we pull together, when we embrace the victories that even the Mahers and Smiths can bring to the battlefield, when we stop cannibalizing each other based on the respective timing of our awakenings–then we might be able to triumph over the New World Order and actually rebuild America anew under truth, under God.

Here are a couple short clips I came across from that three-hour interview if you’re strapped for time:

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.