Saturday, May 25, 2024

UN’s “Chicken Little” Of Climate Change Makes Ridiculous Demands And Moronic Claims

The covid “plandemic” was a monstrous scam that was perpetuated on most of the world. The elites orchestrated a training exercise that accomplished two things very high on the New World Order agenda. First, they learned how compliant people are when you endlessly lie to them and invoke fear as part of the compliance regimen. Second, they used untested vaccines, unjustified lockdowns, respiratory damaging masks, and irrelevant social distancing requirements which when combined, caused millions to die and planted medical time bombs within additional millions that are yet to explode.

Yet, the climate change hoax, …. Yes, I said HOAX will do more damage worldwide than the “plandemic” ever did. “Climate Change” DOES NOT EXIST! The plan for climate change is to orchestrate the largest transfer of financial wealth to the elites that the world has ever known, as well as the most massive reduction of human rights that will eventually reduce the world to two classes. By believing the climate change lie, you will be essentially exterminating 75 to 90 percent of the human race and reducing those that survive to slaves.

Earlier this week, Simon Stiell, the Executive Secretary of United Nations Climate Change, gave a speech at Chatham House in London. During his speech, Stiell emphasized the importance of prioritizing climate change. He warned that if people fail to make climate change their top priority, the world could be destroyed within two years.

In fact, this wack job titled his speech, “Two Years to Save the World.” Naturally, money was one of the first things that Stiell discussed, demanding “a quantum leap in climate finance this year.”

“As of today, national climate plans, called Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs, in aggregate will barely cut emissions at all by 2030.” He went on to explain, “why the next two years are so essential in saving our planet, and how there’s no room for half measures.”

He went as far as to imply that defeating climate change outweighs trying to cure pandemics or ending poverty and hunger. Leaving no leftist stone unturned, he even preposterously suggested that increasing gender equality can help in curbing climate change.

He stated:

“Let’s consider for a moment what is up for grabs if we do make the next two years really count. Bold new national climate plans will be a jobs jackpot and economic springboard to boost countries up that global ladder of living standards.

In the face of crop-destroying droughts, much bolder climate action to curb emissions and help farmers adapt will increase food security, and lessen hunger. Cutting fossil fuel pollution will mean better health and huge savings for governments and households alike. The transformative potential of bold climate action – in tandem with steps to advance gender equality – is one of the fastest ways to move away from business as usual.

For those who say that climate change is only one of many priorities, like ending poverty, ending hunger, ending pandemics, or improving education, I simply say this: none of these crucial tasks – indeed none of the Sustainable Development Goals – will be possible unless we get the climate crisis under control.

In fact, business-as-usual will further entrench the gross inequalities between the world’s richest and poorest countries and communities that unchecked climate impacts are making much worse. These inequalities are kryptonite for cooperative global climate action, and every economy, every country and its people pays the price of that.

To start curing this global cancer of inequality, we need to enable bold new national climate plans by all nations that protect people, boost jobs and drive inclusive economic growth. And we need them by early next year. The next generation of national climate plans must be investment plans for sustainable and strong economies.”

Stiell then went on to threaten the American public with inflation. Claiming arrogantly that if people think inflation is bad now, wait to see how bad it will be if climate financing isn’t increased.

“We have just seen what supply chain disruptions flowing from covid did to inflation, and to households and businesses. Well, you can bet your bottom dollar these disruptions and inflationary impacts will only get dramatically worse, without bolder climate action.

So, the financial firepower the G20 marshaled during the global financial crisis should be marshaled again and pointed squarely at curbing runaway emissions and building resilience now.”

He reiterated the importance of securing new financing and called on the world’s population to take action, while also hinting at the possibility of implementing carbon taxes.

“Ultimately, it’s not enough to invest in clean energy and resilient infrastructure without measures that also speed up the decline of fossil fuels. Stronger domestic progress on carbon pricing is essential to reflect the real economics of fossil fuels, including the massive health and economic costs of greenhouse gas pollution, which should not be shunted on to government, households, and other industries to pay. When I say we have two years to save the world, it begs the question – who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet.”

During the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year, a panel of leftist elites suggested that carbon taxes are necessary and should be implemented soon. They also mentioned that the required framework to implement these taxes is already in place and just needs to be put into action.

Stiell mentioned that COP29 and COP30 are crucial events to obtain more funding and reassert the phony global necessity to combat climate change. Unfortunately, the previous climate forum, COP28, had a rocky start, as the meeting’s president acknowledged that there was no scientific basis for the fast-paced fossil fuel phaseout agenda.

There is an expression that says if you tell a lie long enough and often enough, people will believe it. By their own admission, there is no scientific basis for the fast-paced fossil fuel phaseout agenda. In other words, the entire story is being fabricated.

The Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old. Like other planets, it was formed in the early days of the Solar System, which began to form about 4.6 billion years ago.

The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research located in the U.K. has some temperature measurements beginning in 1850, but there is insufficient data before 1880 for scientists to estimate average temperatures for the entire planet.

So, the planet is 4.54 billion years old, and we have accurate temperature readings for less than 150 years. There is no such thing as climate change, and we need to shoot down these lies at every opportunity.

Really, how stupid do they think we are?