Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Groupthink Makes America Less Great

We live in a society plagued by groupthink, and if we don’t undo that then we’ll never make America great again.

In contemporary America, we don’t think for ourselves. We repeat catchphrases and soundbites. 

We are too timid to assert ourselves for fear of getting cancelled or losing our jobs. 

That ran through my mind this weekend as I watched Space Shuttle Columbia: The Final Flight on Netflix. The four-part documentary chronicles how and why Columbia blew up and disintegrated over East Texas.

If you haven’t watched the documentary yet, then you should. The series will infuriate you.

People who worked for NASA knew well in advance that the shuttle was in danger after a tile hit it during liftoff….yet they didn’t speak up for fear of offending the egos in upper management. 

This is the same groupthink garbage that resulted in Challenger blowing up in 1986.  People knew there was a problem with the shuttle’s O-ring (which caused it to explode during liftoff).

Again, dissenters were too timid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs.

And again, people died.


Psychology Today defines groupthink the following way:

“A phenomenon that occurs when a group of well-intentioned people makes irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible. The problematic or premature consensus that is characteristic of groupthink may be fueled by a particular agenda—or it may be due to group members valuing harmony and coherence above critical thought.”

I argue that groupthink kills innovation, ingenuity and accountability.

Any organization that encourages or practices it, whether in the business world or in government, is destined to fail.

If college professors truly wanted to make the world a better place, they would not indoctrinate students with their left-wing claptrap and instead encourage students to think more freely and assert themselves.

Groupthink is the reason why Washington, D.C. is dysfunctional.

Groupthink is why so many lower-level members of Congress, whether Democratic or Republican, are afraid to speak out against their party’s leadership.

As I’ve written, groupthink afflicts corporate media, which is floundering.

Half the country does not buy corporate media propaganda. The other half of the country still does, thus keeping it on life support.

Former CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg in his 2001 book Bias, famously said the only time the corporate media ever uses the term left-wing is when they report on a plane crash.  The media constantly uses the term “right wing” as a slur.

The piece of tile that hit the space shuttle Columbia, in fact, hit the shuttle’s left wing. The media at the time reported that fact and did use the term left-wing more than once. That was more than 21 years ago, and I have yet to hear the corporate media use the term “left-wing” since.

This is what happens when our media practices groupthink.

Groupthink is what happens when a passive society knows something is wrong but refuses to do anything about it.

America, do better.

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