Thursday, June 20, 2024
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NBC News Hires LGBTQ Political Activists….to Report on LGBTQ News

Did you know that NBC News has its own news division that reports on LGBTQ issues?

OK. Fair enough. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals — or whatever they call themselves this particular week — are in the news a lot. 

But did you also know that the staff members of this news division consist almost entirely of LGBTQ activists?

That’s a conflict of interest….and 10 years ago even the most liberal news outlets would never have tolerated it. 

Times change. 

NBC News labels this particular news division as NBC Out.

NBC Out, according to its website, “showcases feature stories, original videos and other unique content about, and of interest to, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.”

Among its more recent stories is one about a UFC fighter who homeschools his son so the son doesn’t end up gay. Another is about an ex-KKK leader’s child coming out as transgender. A third story concerns the evolution of lesbian cinema.

The NBC Out story that attracted my attention concerned spectators at an Oregon sports stadium. There, a transgender athlete competed against females during a high school track and field championship. The transgender athlete won. That prompted spectators to boo.  

Let’s face it…the kid cheated. 

As authored by Matt Lavietes, the story clearly sympathized with the transgender athlete. At one point, Lavietes said the athlete was “assigned [as a] male at birth,” as opposed to calling the athlete what he actually is — a biological male.

Lavietes used his story to bash the Twitter feed Libs of TikTok….which is something that a political activist, and not an objective journalist, would do. 

Lavietes could have talked to people on both sides of the issue. That would have required him to leave his comfort zone and talk to one or more conservatives, which, of course, he didn’t.

Lavietes, according to his LinkedIn profile, belongs to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA). Per the NLGA’s membership requirements, belonging doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay, but, at the very least, he’s arguably more of a pro-gay activist than he is a reporter who seeks multiple points of view.  

The LinkedIn for another NBC Out reporter, Joy Yurcaba, does not say whether she belongs to the NLGJA. But her LinkedIn makes plain she’s a LGBTQIA+ activist. 

Some of Yurcaba’s past journalism is…well…tasteless. 

Yurcaba’s personal website highlights a 2019 Teen Vogue story she wrote that promoted public sex classes. Teachers in these classes show hard-core pornography to students. Guest lecturers include adult entertainment stars. 

(And no, that wasn’t a typo. That article appeared not in Vogue but in Teen Vogue).

NBC Out Editorial Director Brooke Sopelsa, per her LinkedIn, has a history of producing documentaries about gays and transgenders. She a board member for NewFest, a non-profit media arts organization and runs New York’s premier LGBT film festival.

A YouTube podcast refers to Sopelsa as a “lesbian journalist.”

Is it a problem that these people are gay (or likely gay)?

Is it a problem that these people are pro-LGBTQ activists who are assigned the LGBTQ beat at the same time they label themselves as objective reporters?

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