Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Forensic IT Report Provides Proof of Extreme Voting Equipment Vulnerabilities in Arizona

I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to predict Joe Biden wins in Arizona in 2024. Honestly, of the seven swing states, Arizona certainly has to be in the running for the most corrupt.

As I wrote previously, the widely held belief that Arizona was a red state that has morphed purple is incorrect. In fact, Arizona has been solid purple for decades. John McCain, who was a classic neocon RINO before the term even existed, served 31 years in the senate. Jon Kyle, only slightly more conservative than McCain, served 18 years. Before Kyle, Democrat Dennis DeConcini held the office for 22 years.

The list of governors, from the 1980s to present, includes five Republicans and four Democrats. Of those five Republican governors, only two, Fife Symington and Evan Mecham, could be considered truly conservative. As luck would have it, both were driven from office by scandal. In fact, the Arizona political establishment used the exact same tactic against Symington, who was a real estate developer, that Letitia James employed against Donald Trump in the bogus New York loan fraud case.

The 2020 Rigged Election in Arizona

I attended the 2016 state Republican convention, and I was astounded at the resistance to Trump’s candidacy. The electors vigorously tried to unbind themselves from Trump after the first ballot at the national convention. So, it came as no surprise when, in 2020, the RINO controlled Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which has election responsibility in the state’s largest county, conducted an election that failed to ensure the voting process was secure and honest.

While the evidence of significant election rigging has been available to anyone who bothered to look, woke leftists in the media and judiciary have chosen to ignore it. To date, the most compelling proof of voter fraud and election manipulation came from the Halderman Report, which showed how easy it would be to tamper with a voting machine, and the peer reviewed report by John Lott, which demonstrated how statistical anomalies that characterized counties suspected of alleged voter fraud affected the 2020 election.

The Latest Bombshell Evidence

Woke leftists, RINOs and the Deep State have done an impressive job of discrediting and prosecuting those who questioned the 2020 election. They’ve shoved the whole sordid affair into a dark closet so election anomalies, incompetence and legitimate questions would never see the light of day. Yet, despite these monumental efforts to end the discussion and intimidate those that might question the integrity of future elections, more evidence about the rigging in 2020 continues to emerge.

Most recently, IT forensic investigator Ben Cotton of CyFIR, released his findings concerning the voting machine tabulators used in Maricopa County during the 2020 election. Cotton’s firm was hired by the Arizona Senate to perform an audit, and he summarized his findings in this way.

It is clear, based on my findings, that unauthorized programs, databases, configuration settings, and actions were present on the voting systems in Maricopa County for the elections in both 2020 and 2022.

The Maricopa EMS has a compiler installed that provides the ability to modify and create executable files and drivers on the fly that could be used to alter election results without detection. There is evidence new executable files were created at least three times during the active voting period in 2020. These programs are not found as part of approved and certified Voting System Platform software that is listed on the EAC’s Scope of Certification posted on the EAC’s website.

Perhaps more alarming was the discovery the security system used to tabulate the results had no encryption, so essentially anyone could access the election database.

The encryption keys used to secure the results, encrypt and decrypt the tabulator results and protect the integrity of the EMS operations are stored in plain text in an unencrypted SQL database that is accessible with a simple SQL query. This egregious security lapse provides anyone with access to the voting system with the tools to alter election results without likely detection.

The only barrier to access these keys is the Windows-log-in. This log in obviously would not prevent a malicious insider from changing results. A non-insider could easily bypass the Windows log-in feature in about 5 minutes with well-known hacking techniques available on the internet. Simply put, this is like a bank having the most secure vault in the world, touting how secure it is to the public and then taping the combination in large font type on the wall next to the vault door.

Finally, Cotton found that the software used on Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) Democracy Suite version 5.5B was altered after receiving approval from U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Cotton said, “Files which do not match the EAC certified file hashes are configuration files. (This) is especially significant because changes to configuration files change how the election software acts and whether ballots have been accurately recorded and tabulated. This is an egregious breach of basic security practices that must be remedied immediately. No election results provided by these voting machines can be trusted given the subjects identified and described in this report.”

Nothing Here. Let’s Move on

The interesting aspect of Cotton’s findings is that they match much of the material in the original Cyber Ninja’s election report in Maricopa County, notably the erasure of the EMS database on the day before their audit was to begin. The point is that the Republicans knew about these vulnerabilities in 2021, when they controlled the legislature and the governor’s office. Yet, there were 13 election integrity bills that never made it out of Senate committee, and two of those bills directly addressed weaknesses in the tabulators and voting machines.

Whether any of these issues have been addressed in advance of the 2024 election is a mystery because, with the exception of local conservative publications, you won’t read about these revelations on CNN or MSN. Compounding the problem is the reality that the subject matter is kind of wonky and includes concepts and terminology that’s like a foreign language to most ordinary people.

Leftists take advantage of this by undertaking nefarious activities they believe no one will discover, and if by chance they are exposed, they simply deny any involvement, knowing the people working to root out election fraud are probably not knowledgeable enough in IT science to discover the nature of the breach.

All election equipment, from voting machines to tabulators, should undergo a complete forensic examination by experts on behalf of both political parties during a period immediately preceding the election. At the point of certification, the machinery should be locked down, and no one should be allowed into the system. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, IT techs representing both parties should be on site together to initiate the repair.

To the best of my knowledge, all of these vulnerabilities still exist, and in the absence of reverting to elections conducted entirely by paper ballot, ensuring the integrity of the equipment used to collect and tabulate votes is paramount to ensuring our elections are honest and fair.

I cannot say with any degree of confidence that I have trust in the results that will be presented on election night 2024 and the weeks or months thereafter. There are simply too many questions that remain unanswered and too many issues that remain unresolved.

For the enlightened, who reject the pablum the media and government officials tell us about the “most secure election in U.S. history,” we know we are being set up for another kick in the teeth on November 5th.