Saturday, May 18, 2024

“Rooftop Ninja” Woman Lives In A Store Sign For A Year

In a bizarre scene, a 34-year-old woman was discovered living in a store sign in Midland, Michigan. The woman had lived in the sign for approximately a year. Police found flooring, a mini desk, clothing, a food pantry, a printer, and even a houseplant within her domicile.

The woman’s home was discovered when contractors noticed an extension cord while working on the roof of a Family Fare Supermarket. The contractors then discovered the woman and notified store management, who in turn notified Midland police.

In an interview with USA Today, Brennon Warren, a spokesperson for the Midland Police, explained how the situation developed.

“The contractors had seen an extension cord leading from one of the rooftop units to this particular sign where she had been living. Warren then went on to explain that the Family Fare sign was not your typical store sign.

“It isn’t a normal sign not like ones seen on the side of Target or Walmart. There’s a 10 to 15-foot hollow peak at the top of the supermarket’s roof where the sign is placed inside and a 3 by 4-foot access door behind the sign, definitely big enough to kind of get into.”

When officers approached the woman, “she came right to the door and basically said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m leaving,” Warren said.

The woman was not formally charged, but she was removed from the property the same day. Warren stated that she “fully understood, and she agreed not to go back.” The police provided her with some information on available housing services, but according to Warren, “she didn’t wish for any of those.”

The woman was unable to take all of her belongings with her. However, in a wonderful display of compassion, the store reached out to the woman and assisted her in moving the rest of her belongings.

In an email to USA Today, the Family Fare Supermarket chain stated:

“We are proud of our associates for responding to this situation with the utmost compassion and professionalism. Ensuring there is ample safe, affordable housing continues to be a widespread issue nationwide that our community needs to partner in solving.”

The public has nicknamed the woman the “Rooftop Ninja,” based on her ability to move in and out of the sign without detection. According to Warren:

“People would see her from time to time, and then all of a sudden, she would vanish. No one really knew where she went, but no one ever indicated or thought that she would be up on top of the roof.”

The woman never revealed how she was able to access the roof without detection. A feat that still amazes Warren.

“In my 10-year career here in Midland I have never seen a situation like this before. You never would think this would happen, but I wish the best for her.”

This is a great story, complete with a touch of the bizarre, but filled with understanding and compassion. This was a “no harm, no foul” situation, and kudos to the staff at the Family Fare Supermarket and the Midland Police Department for recognizing that and responding accordingly.