Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Newsome Hears Reality Knocking But Won’t Open The Door

If you were to discover that a significant portion of your hard-earned taxpayer money, amounting to billions of dollars, was being intentionally squandered on a futile cause, would you still blindly support it? The sheer injustice of such a situation is hard to ignore. You would likely feel a surge of anger, the intensity of which would be directly proportional to your level of concern for the issue. In the face of this, what actions would you be willing to take to halt the flow of funds?

As a significant part of the climate change hoax, the government, MSM, and corporations looking to make a killing on the switch are trying to convince America and the rest of the world of the fantasy that everything must be electric. Everything is under attack, from our cars to our daily appliances. They want us to believe that the use of “fossil fuels” is something diabolical.

It is often kept hidden that a majority of the world’s electricity generation – over 60 percent – still relies on fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, and other gases. In 2022, coal contributed 35.7 percent of the global power mix, whereas natural gas contributed 23 percent. In the United States, a staggering 70 percent of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels.

As you can see, this is nothing more than a reallocation of money. No one is keeping track of how this money is being spent. This is a case of injecting concern and fear into the populous so money can be laundered and directed elsewhere under the guise of a false crisis.

I live in Florida, and hundreds of thousands of people evacuate whenever a hurricane threatens the state. Because of the traffic, it isn’t uncommon to see interstate highways at a standstill. Now, imagine if all of those cars were electric. Getting gas takes minutes, but charging an electric car takes considerably longer. The time it takes to charge an electric car depends on two factors: the size of the battery and the charging point’s speed. If you have a 60-kWh battery and use a 7-kW charging point, it will take just under 8 hours to charge from empty to full. On the other hand, a 50-kW rapid charger can add up to 100 miles of range in about 35 minutes. If you’re looking for the quickest way to charge your electric vehicle, you should use DC fast chargers. These chargers can charge Some specific EV models in an hour or less.

The idea is pure lunacy. A lesson that Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the radical leftist state of California, is learning but still won’t admit. Newsome and his liberal cronies are the national leaders in trying to mandate drivers to use electric vehicles. “They have been consistently pushing for implementing Green New Deal policies in the state, despite opposition from some citizens. In 2022, the California Air Resources Board, comprised of unelected left-wing bureaucrats, voted to prohibit the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles in the state by 2035.”

At that time, Newsome proclaimed that California would “lead the revolution towards our zero-emission transportation future.” Only a week later, he warned residents not to charge their EVs because the state’s electric grid was already totally maxed out during a heatwave, causing massive blackouts.

One contradiction after another. The state has knowingly misled its citizens, claiming that reliable fossil fuel-generated power could be replaced with mythical and unreliable sources like solar and wind. Meanwhile, while his own state energy grid is on the verge of collapse, Newsome still loudly professes the ridiculous claim that green energy can power the nation.

Energy Analyst David Blackmon stated that mass transportation electrification is not financially viable or sustainable on a society-wide or statewide basis in California.

A study by the University of California, Berkeley, proves such folly. It found that California would need to spend up to $20 billion in taxpayer money, although far likely much more, considering that it’s a government-run project, to upgrade its energy grid to meet the demands of Democrats’ plan to force every driver in the state into an EV.

The people in charge of the study wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that:

“This widespread adoption of EVs in the future will lead to a large growth in electricity charging load, which will contribute to challenges in the operation and planning of the power system.”

Unsurprisingly, they concluded that urban areas would be the first place the grid would be strained. California currently has about 10,000 fast, public electric charging stations, and plans are to add at least 30,000 more. So, the drain on the grid would triple.

Center Square reported: “The study’s author estimates that by 2035, 50 percent of ‘feeder’ transmission lines will be ‘overloaded by EV charging demand,’ a figure that will grow to 67 percent by 2045. They say the cost of upgrading transmission lines for EVs could cost $6 to $20 billion, or about 10 percent to 40 percent of the current transmission system.”

As bad as this forecast is, the study didn’t consider that woke Democrats are also lobbying to eliminate gas appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and virtually anything else that uses fossil fuels to generate energy.

California is facing a budget deficit of between $45 and $58 billion, a significant challenge. Despite this, Governor Newsom seems to be more focused on pursuing a far-left agenda than addressing the real needs of the state’s citizens. His priorities seem misplaced, as chasing non-existent cures and blindly pursuing unattainable goals is not a responsible approach for a leader facing such serious financial difficulties.

As part of his woke solution to the problem, Newsome again does the wrong thing. Instead of targeting abusers of the power grid, he targets those citizens who do their best to conserve electricity. A new proposal recently passed by regulators will see people who use less energy paying more to subsidize others.

According to ABC7:

“California regulators on Thursday voted to make it cheaper for people to charge electric cars and cool their homes in the summer, a decision heralded as part of the state’s transition to clean energy but derided by others who warn it will raise prices for people who don’t use as much energy.

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to let the state’s big investor-owned utilities – including Pacific Gas & Electric – add a fixed charge to people’s power bills each month to pay for installing and maintaining the equipment necessary to transmit electricity to homes.

For most people, the charge will be $24.15 per month and will take effect starting late next year. Others with lower incomes who are enrolled in one of two discount programs will pay less, either $6 or $12 per month.”

This is a typical methodology utilized by the far left. They pursue a make-believe fantasy, knowing it will never be accomplished, nor should it. However, until exposed, they inflict as much damage as possible on the middle class. Not surprisingly, the members of the State Utilities Commission who voted for this were all appointed by Gavin Newsom.

Newsome may have heard the adage, “That when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging,” but he never took it to heart. The problem for those people who still foolishly live in California is that the hole Newsome is digging won’t bury him, but it will you.