Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Judge Presiding over Trump’s Sham Hush Money Trial is Clearly Biased and Corrupt

The Biden administration has led an all-out assault on the rule of law for nearly four years now. While we saw the Democrats weaponized the justice system against Trump and his supporters with two fraudulent impeachments and several pathetic indictments of his supporters, such as Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, the corruption and incompetence of Juan Merchan, the current judge overseeing Trump’s hush money case, shows the left has actually managed to reach a new low.

Judge Merchan, who contributed to both Biden and the Democratic party in 2020, has along with his family engaged in several corrupt and political acts that should disqualify the incompetent judge from being able to oversee the case against Trump. Merchan’s daughter is the president of authentic campaigns, a group that raises money for progressive Democrats such as Adam Schiff. The judge’s daughter has not only raised nearly $100 million off of the indictment against Trump that is being tried in her father’s court, she has also stated her father’s disdain for former President Trump. The judge’s daughter’s clients have even sent out fundraising letters to individuals citing the trial her father is presiding over.

Judge Merchan has treated the former President unfairly from the beginning, and the current sham trial in New York City, an area where nearly 70 percent of the residents are Democrats, is a blatant abuse of the justice system. The Democrat appointed judge has imposed gag orders against Trump and even held him in contempt for simply exercising his first amendment rights in the middle of a Presidential campaign, while witnesses such as Michael Cohen are doing interviews on national tv about the upcoming trial and the judge’s daughter fundraises off of the indictment as well.

The Biden administration and the current President’s political allies have weaponized the Justice Department and the rule of law against Trump and many of his supporters. Merchan already presided over the sham trial against the Trump organization for alleged fraud, even though there was no victim in that or any of the other cases against the former President, a guilt verdict resulted. Merchan is also overseeing the politically motivated case against former Trump advisor Steve Bannon for alleged fraud and money laundering. Judge Merchan is nothing more than a Democratic operative who is trying to interfere in the upcoming Presidential Election.

The irony of the left’s efforts to weaponize the rule of law is that in addition to the Justice Department’s previous policy of not interfering in elections, the party has also frequently claimed to oppose election interference. Public confidence in the rule of law is critical for a country to function properly, the left’s emotional and corrupt abuses of a key foundation of our society will likely have long-term ramifications for many years. The fact that even moderate Democrats have not condemned the blatant abuse our legal system by the party shows how low pathetic the party has become.