Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Check out some of Tucker’s fantastic interviews (April 2024)!

As everyone should know, Tucker Carlson is running his own media company following his departure from Fox News. Since he is no longer with Fox News, Tucker has more freedom to conduct more interesting interviews with figures outside of the political “mainstream”.

In fact, I personally have watched more of Tucker’s content since he’s gone independent. I find Tucker’s interviews to be more engaging since he is willing to talk to a wide variety of guests—from Andrew Tate to Alex Jones and everyone else in-between.

So far today’s post, I wanted to share three of my favorite interview from Tucker Carlson’s podcast from last month–April 2024. The guests on these three interviews discussed some important topics with Tucker Carlson, so I wanted to share this intriguing content with the RVIVR audience.

#1 Tucker Carlson’s interview with Doug Wilson about Christian Nationalism

#2 Tucker Carlson examines the Immigration disaster going on in the Darien Gap with journalist Michael Yon

#3 Tucker Carlson’s discussion with writer Jeremy Carl about anti-white racism in America

I’ve shared my own criticisms about Tucker’s weak support for President Trump and social conservatism in the past. So, I am glad to see Tucker moving more toward an “America First” perspective over the past several months.

We all should appreciate the recent work that Tucker is doing in pushing the political conversation (i.e. the “Overton Window”) further to the right with hard-hitting discussions about politics, religion, and American culture. Let’s hope that this trend continues.