Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Ukraine War is a Winning Campaign Issue, so why are Republicans Ignoring It?

Read anything about the Ukraine war lately?

Me neither.

Once Biden was able to secure the $60 billion he needed to keep the proxy war grinding on, Ukraine slipped back into obscurity, barely warranting a story over the past couple weeks. The media, obsessed over pro Hamas terrorist protests on American college campuses and Trump’s bogus hush money trial in Manhattan, can’t be bothered. Besides, if a story doesn’t reflect well on Slow Joe Biden, well…

Yet, I would argue this is the biggest story of the election, and it’s puzzling that Republicans aren’t hammering away at it every day.

You see, Ukraine is losing the war, and their situation is increasingly dire. In circles of people who are privy to the latest developments, the belief is that conditions on the front lines have worsened significantly, and defeat is now being discussed publicly.

General Sir Richard Barrons, commander of the UK’s Joint Forces Command, believes Ukraine faces a serious risk of losing the war in 2024.

“We are seeing Russia batter away at the front line, employing a five-to-one advantage in artillery, ammunition, and a surplus of people reinforced by the use of newish weapons.”

There is also growing suspicion that Russia is planning a major summer offensive. Unlike last year’s unsuccessful effort that targeted Zaporizhzhia south towards the Sea of Azov, Ukraine military planners are unsure of exactly when and where the 2024 summer offensive will take place. While there is consensus that Donbas will be a center of focus, it is unclear if Russia is concentrating on a single area or a combination of Chasiv Yar, Pokrovsk and Kurakhove from the side of Maryinka.

In fact, Russia is becoming so bold they made two unexpected border cross assaults on Friday inside Northern Ukraine, including four battalions penetrating five kilometers near Krasne.

Facing Unpleasant Realities

Before the war even began, military analysts should have realized that Ukraine did not have the manpower to successfully fend off Russia over the long term, especially when NATO ruled out the use of advanced weaponry for fear of igniting World War 3. Ukraine has also been expressly forbidden from striking deep into the Russian motherland with western-supplied long-range weapons.

It’s like asking an average middle weight with one hand tied behind his back to fight Mike Tyson in his prime.

Privately, U.S. and western allies have begun to suggest that Ukraine is running out of troops, while it appears Russia has an unlimited supply of combat capable men. In short, it’s a matter of basic math. Russia’s population is three times bigger than Ukraine’s, which is exacerbated by the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure without Russia being forced to defend its own.

As of November, the average age of a Ukrainian soldier was 43, up from 30-35 when the war began in 2022. Early on, volunteers were plentiful, but as the war has dragged on and morale plummeted, Ukraine is struggling to keep combat-age men from fleeing to other countries. At this rate of age attrition, Ukraine will be recruiting 65-year-olds to fight on the front lines by 2025.

Biden Needs Ukraine to Keep Fighting Until After the Election

The demise of Ukraine’s war effort was hastened by the delay in funding as The House and Senate recognized the futility of continuing to throw more money in the Ukraine proxy war sink hole. For Joe Biden, the recent military aid package was absolutely essential. He (or his handlers) are all too aware of how the war is going to end. At best, Ukraine will cede the territories Russia demanded in the first place. At worst, Ukraine will become a Russian satellite with a government installed by Putin, similar to Belarus.

Slow Joe Biden cannot allow this to happen before the election, as the consequences of a Ukraine collapse after blowing $200 billion would surely tank his chances for reelection once and for all. So, it was absolutely imperative Joe get the $60 billion he could send to Ukraine in the form of increasingly advanced weaponry. In an odd twist of fate, the Iranian attack on Israel provided the momentum Biden needed to get Congress off the snide and pass the bill.

Why are Republicans Allowing the Media to Suppress the Ukraine Debacle?

 As usual, Republicans are like the blind marksman, who keeps firing away but can’t find the right target. The Ukraine disaster is just sitting there waiting to be fleshed out as a major campaign issue, but Republican leadership remains stuck on self-evident issues that ordinary Americans are already painfully aware of. No one needs reminded by Republicans of the devastating effects of inflation and open borders because people live it every day, but very few are aware of the growing debacle in Ukraine.

Remember when Joe Biden told us to be patient because sanctions would bring Putin to his knees? Remember when we were told Putin has cancer and wouldn’t be around very long? Remember when we were told after the first multi-billion dollar aid package that Ukraine was winning the war? Remember when the corruption in Ukraine was briefly exposed and then quickly swept under the carpet?

For Republicans, the Ukraine war is a major winning issue if they take the time to explain it to the American people. We have sunk hundreds of billions of dollars into a losing effort, and Biden shouldn’t be allowed to avoid accountability for this debacle by delaying Ukraine’s defeat until after the election. It’s another example of his horrific leadership. At a time when we are spending a trillion a year for interest on the deficit, we’re shoveling billions more into an endless money pit when we already know the outcome in advance. Whether Putin wins a total victory, or Ukraine is forced to give up territory, the war is already over. The public just doesn’t know it yet.

It’s maddening how Republican leadership squanders opportunities. Ukraine is a Republican kill shot. They must go out and take it.