Tuesday, May 28, 2024

White Privilege Must be Buried in the Unmarked Grave of Horrible Woke Leftist Concepts

The left has done a masterful job of redefining common concepts that were previously considered positive or at least innocuous. At one time, gay meant “happy.” Now the term conjures up images of angry, confrontational people protesting and demanding special treatment. Diversity once referred to assorted ideas and opinions, but now it only applies to skin color or gender identity. Inclusion was something people worked towards, as in becoming a member of a club or group. In today’s woke world, inclusion based on race or sexual orientation is expected, regardless of merit. Oh, and those who don’t check the right boxes? Exclusion for them.

Which brings us to the term the left has most successfully twisted and redefined.


No doubt, you have heard it tossed about a lot in the past several years. Like all woke leftist verbiage, the redefinition is designed to intimidate and silence those who still cling to traditional American values. When Woke uses the term “privilege,” what they are really referring to is the phony concept of white privilege.

While it’s difficult to actually define the phrase, it’s much easier to use it as a weapon to intimidate the opposition. When you have to resort to a dictionary, you know you’re dealing with something very nebulous. Incredibly, Merriam-Webster mostly relies on radical leftists like Ibram X. Kindi to conjure up a tortured explanation:

White privileges are the relative advantages racism affords to people identified as white, whether white people recognize them or deny them. To be white is to be afforded one’s individuality. Afforded the presumption of innocence. Afforded the assumption of intelligence. Afforded empathy when crying or raging. Afforded disproportionate amounts of policy-making power. Afforded opportunity from a white network. Afforded wealth-building homes and resource-rich schools. Afforded the ability to vote quickly and easily.

Or this one from Mehak Anwar:

… by discussing the reality of white privilege, we’re not negating or invalidating other hardships that may come with each individual’s circumstances. Rather, we intend to shed light on the reality that white people are granted rights (whether they’re subtle or obvious), immunities, and opportunities by their skin color, regardless of whether they asked for that privilege or not.

You see, the left has learned that a label with a decidedly negative connotation can be molded and adapted to fit circumstances as necessary. You will notice that defining white privilege always takes at least a paragraph, and in almost every instance, includes a disclaimer that while white people may have endured hardships, it doesn’t change the reality they have inherent advantages LGBTQIA+ and people of color do not. To make the trap complete, white people are supposedly conditioned from birth to deny their undeserved advantages. If you’re a white man, it’s even worse because you also benefit from male privilege.

The entire concept of white privilege serves to facilitate the left’s authoritarian agenda. Most importantly, it’s a bullying tool to silence dissent from people with lighter skin during encounters with people of color. It also provides a very convenient excuse for those with darker skin when they face legitimate rejection or adversity.

You were interviewed by a white person and didn’t get the job? White privilege.

You have a crap life because you partied instead of studied in school? White privilege.

The white family down the street has a nicer house and car than you? White privilege.

It’s so much easier to blame others for our failings rather than acknowledging them and working to improve ourselves.

The left constantly targets white people’s guilt, and self-loathing white leftists can’t wait to acknowledge their culpability and beg people of color for forgiveness. As expected, this includes making further concessions to the minorities and giving them more free money.

This nonsense has gone on for so long it makes you wonder what’s next? Should we hand over the keys to our house to an illegal alien to alleviate our guilt?

Examples of White Privilege

Since defining white privilege seems so elusive, engaged leftists provide some examples. I’ve picked out a few of the least absurd. You can read the full list here, but I warn you, brain cells will die.

* I’m Not Discriminated Against When Interviewing for Jobs

Reply: This assertion relies on a study conducted in Canada that claims fake identical resumes sent with different ethnic sounding names revealed that people with Chinese, Pakastani and Indian names were less likely to be invited to job interviews.

One small sample study from obscure Canada does not reflect the current state of hiring in the U.S. In fact, minorities are protected in hiring by a variety of federal and state laws, including Title VII, which is aggressively enforced by the EEOC. If you talk privately with someone who works in HR at a large company, you will learn that corporate America is so terrified of being targeted for hiring discrimination practices, they will routinely employ less qualified candidates of color and nonconforming gender to maintain quotas to keep the EEOC off their backs. That is why there has been a sharp increase in the number of reverse discrimination lawsuits filed over the past two years.

* I Can Spend Most of My Time with People of My Own Race

Reply: This is a simple matter of math. White Americans make up 61% of the U.S. population, African Americans 13%, and those of Hispanic descent are 18%. So, if you walk down the most diverse city street in America, you still have a 6 in 10 chance of running into a white person first. Can these leftist academics really be this dim?

* I Don’t Face Housing Discrimination

Reply: In 2024, it is utterly absurd to claim that LGBTQIA+ and people of color cannot live in any area of the country they can afford. The Fair Housing Act has nine different provisions that cover everything from discrimination in purchasing a house to ensuring fair lending standards. Anyone in the real-estate or mortgage industry would be risking their career or possibly even jail time if they were caught denying a person of color fair and equal access to any neighborhood they wanted to live in.

* Protagonists In Films and Television Look Like Me

Reply: Seriously? Turn on a TV and tune to virtually any channel that’s not “classic,” and I’ll guarantee you will find far more black, Hispanic, gay and transgender people relative to their societal percentage. In fact, I would argue that if an alien society was watching our TV broadcasts, they would conclude that married earthling couples can only be all black, mixed race or gay.

The Pursuit of Privilege is a Foundational American Concept

As we all know, suggesting a particular race of people in America has privilege over another is an entirely outdated and intellectually dishonest concept in 2024. It is a weapon used by woke leftists to discourage one race while artificially promoting others.

While the concept of inherent white privilege, and its cousin, systemic racism, is patently false, the idea of achieving privilege in America is something everyone should aspire to.

LeBron James has a net worth of over $1 billion. He owns three Ferraris, a Lamborghini, two Maybachs and a Rolls Royce. He owns a 10,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills worth an estimated $36.7 million. He owns two other mansions in Southern California worth $23 million and $21 million, respectively.

James leads as privileged a lifestyle as anyone could imagine, and that is wonderful. His ascension from nothing to a billionaire is inspirational, and the fact that he is an African-American is only a side note to his remarkable success story.

Like James, America has millions of people belonging to minority groups with similar stories. Instead of snotting and balling over fake issues like white privilege, these people went out and worked hard and earned the privilege they now enjoy.

There are now 10 African American billionaires in America as of this writing, and I guarantee not a single one of them is whining about white privilege. If America is to survive and thrive, these false notions that depress the spirit and rob people of their will for self-improvement must be purged from our society.

Like everything that comes from their rotting minds, the concept of white privilege must be repudiated and buried in the unmarked grave of horrible, woke leftist ideas.