Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Will Joe Biden Ever be Punished for the Horrible Burdens He Inflicts on Us?

Random thoughts concerning the past two weeks: 

TIMELY QUOTE: “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” – H.L. Mencken

• President Donald Trump is ahead in the polls, even in swing states. If memory serves, pollsters always oversample Democrats. If that’s still true…then WOW.

• Yesterday on Facebook, I got lectured to about reality by a guy who says on his profile that he’s a graduate of the fictional Starfleet Academy. In the same thread, I got lectured to about morality by a guy who calls himself a polyamorous pansexual. Welcome to modern-day America.

• Some group of people who run corporate grocery stores got together about five years ago and thought it a brilliant idea to clog the middle of every aisle with little shelves/kiosks to try to sell more merchandise. All they actually do is get in the way and impede traffic as shoppers try to pass one another.

• Speaking of grocery stores, Donald Trump as well as the people who campaign for Trump should do so outside every grocery store in America…..and preferably speak to people when they’re on their way out after having paid for two-to-four weeks’ worth of groceries. Trump and his people should explain how and why these high prices are not the result of corporate greed, but, instead, Joe Biden’s economic policies.

• Joe Biden is a grifter who made millions of dollars being a corrupt politician. He knowingly and intentionally put policies in place that burdened honest, hard-working middle-class people and raised their gas prices and damn near doubled the costs of their groceries. If he and his handlers don’t get their comeuppance in this world then they will in the next. When I told this to someone whom I’ve known for most of my life, he responded with the following, as it pertains to Biden: “How people like him on any level knowingly have an extremely negative impact on others for their earthly wealth and show no conscience or remorse are not of God. No Christ, no Holy Spirit to bring repentance and change. So you are correct, eventually, he will pay.”

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