Friday, July 19, 2024

Spoiled Snowflakes Get To Experience Unionized Unemployment

I must admit, I love this story. It started several weeks ago when a group of spoiled Snowflakes who worked at three coffee shops in Philadelphia decided to unionize. The question was, why? According to reports, the owner treated the employees very well. They were provided with health, vision, and dental insurance as well as a 401k plan, so what were they looking to add?

Typical of the left, which loves playing the victim and is CONSTANTLY offended by everything, these spoiled brats decided to unionize. Remember that we are talking about three coffee shops, not Google or Amazon. This relatively small business owner is doing his best and taking good care of his employees.

Upon hearing this, the owner made the best decision for himself. So, one week later, he closed all three of his shops. This is where the story gets better. Instead of realizing their mistake and moving on with their lives, these over-indulged losers decided to show up and protest outside of one of the closed OCF facilities.

Some of the geniuses then whined to WPVI-TV that the abrupt closures were due to the former employees’ announcement a week earlier that they intended to unionize and join Workers United Local 80.

No kidding. You can’t pull anything over on these guys. What did they expect the owner to do? These are ungrateful punks who think they can get whatever they want in life by being obnoxious. Sorry, kiddos. It doesn’t work like that.

One of the recently unemployed, Stephanie Slaughter, told WPVI, “We wanted better pay and stability and part-time health benefits, not only full-time.”

Another Former employee, Ava Alabiso, told WPVI, “It’s Very, very disheartening. We didn’t even get to start the bargaining process. He didn’t even know what we were asking for before he decided to shut down all three stores, leaving us completely in the lurch through an email.”

Wait, he left you in the lurch? You threatened his livelihood, he did what he needed to do.

Videos showed the out-of-work clowns holding signs and chanting on the sidewalk. Their chants were directed at the shop owner, Ori Feibush.

“Ori, Ori, you can’t hide! We all see your greedy side!”  Real clever, right? They call the owner greedy after they informed him that they would be forcibly unionizing his shops. He had other ideas and closed all three.

In a letter to employees and customers, Feibush said a combination of increasing costs and decreasing sales forced his decision to close after 13 years in business. He also pointed out that increased administrative and legal costs related to the unionization effort added to his need to close his doors.

Still, he’s trying to do the right thing, an OCF Coffee House spokesperson told WPVI that it will continue to provide health, vision, and dental benefits to employees for the next three months.

Unbelievably, even that isn’t good enough for some of the radical crybabies who are pushing for severance pay as well.

Sorry, not sorry guys. You had good jobs working for an owner that cared and YOU got greedy.

As one user on X posted:

“Unionizing a job, you can train high school students to do in a week is always a bad idea.”

One would hope these snowflakes have learned their lesson, but I’d be willing to bet they haven’t. In the meantime, they can take their signs, go home, and enjoy their unionized unemployment.