Friday, July 19, 2024

Dems First Weak Spin, Biden’s Only Discombobulated 18 Hours Each Day

Hoo Boy! It’s a desperate move from the Democrats, who are now racing against time to salvage their reputation. They’re bailing as fast as they can as their ship slowly sinks, trying to convince America that they aren’t as dimwitted as Sleepy Joe for choosing him as their candidate.

In a sad case of trying to convince a country that “It’s bad, but not fatal,” the far-left is clinging to the thinnest of threads. After Biden showcased his inability to be elected as a dog catcher, far less President of the United States, his aides declared that Biden functions reasonably well between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

They should have just climbed up on the roof of the Whitehouse and started waving a white flag; that would have been more honest than this. The truth is that Joe Biden is suffering from extreme cognitive decline, most likely Alzheimer’s disease. His inability to perform the duties of being President has been noticeable since he was placed in office and has grown more glaring week after week.

Today, White House aides reportedly confirmed that President Joe Biden is exhibiting a common symptom of dementia, according to Axios. Despite the damage control, sources told Axios that the president is “dependably engaged” between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. but is susceptible to “verbal miscues” and fatigue outside that time frame.

LIE, LIE, LIE, … We have all seen Biden wander off, mumble, try to shake hands with invisible people, try to sit down in non-existent chairs, act inappropriately with females, tell far-fetched, ridiculous stories, and fall going up and down stairs, … all during daylight hours.

This is nothing more than another smoke screen. The man is not fit for any office, and any excuses trying to defend or explain otherwise is radical leftist propaganda.

Why does this have to be so drawn out and political? The man is unfit. If he wasn’t a crooked career politician, the family would be either discussing putting him in a care facility or he would already be in one. The babysitting that he receives in the Whitehouse can’t disguise the sad reality that the Democrats have been exposed for putting a meat puppet in the Whitehouse.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Republicans did not do enough to enforce election security in 2020. That said, if ANY Democrat wins in 2024, the United States is officially doomed, and we need to prepare for the worst.

Biden was the puppet the elitists were salivating for, and they were blessed beyond their wildest dreams with this mindless empty shell that was easy to manipulate for many reasons, not the least of which was his drug-addicted, perverted son that Biden had already injected into dirty narcissistic politics.

Biden isn’t just a bad President. He is a cancer that needs to be removed from American politics. He and others like him must go if we ever want to return to the sovereign nation we were expected and designed to be.

The Democrats are now claiming that Joe Biden is showing signs of “sundowning” syndrome. This term refers to a state of confusion that typically affects older individuals, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, during the evening or as the sun is setting. Symptoms can include anxiety, aggression, pacing, wandering, hallucinations, and difficulty sleeping. These claims are based on behaviors described by Biden’s aides.

NOPE. Sorry, Joe. You’re confused ALL the time. There are no hours when you are rational. Are we, as intelligent humans, blindly supposed to think that a switch goes on at 10 a.m. and goes off again at 4 p.m.?

Your ballerina-like, small-step shuffle, with your flared-out waste-held hands, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Before the debate, you were already a clown to the rest of the world, then you opened up your lying, mumbling mouth and eliminated all doubt.

Joe Biden is the figurehead of one of, if not the greatest, family crime syndicates in American history. This is saying something since they may be ahead of Bush, Clinton, and Obama regarding “Profitable Receipts.”

Biden is an incompetent excuse for a president. He’s dazed and confused all of the time, not part of the time. Sadly, those who are using him wound him up and sent him onto the debate stage for one last embarrassment.

It’s time to pack up the ventriloquist suitcase for “Mindless,” Joe. It’s way past time to put this dummy away. There can be no more justifications or half-assed excuses for his condition. He is the worst-case scenario for a leader. A blend of evil, narcissism, and misplaced rage wrapped up in an outer crust of incompetence.

Despite what Biden’s string pullers would like us to believe, he does not suffer from sundowning syndrome. He is a bitter old man who is totally controlled by the radical left. For realists, November can’t get here soon enough.

In four years, he has turned the greatest country in the world into a weak modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. All standards have been obliterated, and complacency has replaced drive and determination.

The sun is setting on Biden’s disaster. The damage this administration has caused can’t be accurately calculated. He doesn’t deserve our empathy or our sympathy; what he deserves is to be incarcerated for treason.

The Democrats will now put on their dog and pony show as they try to decide the best way to continue their reign of terror. Chances are Biden will not be part of those plans. He has profited greatly while acting as the frontman for their agenda, so they will feign caring about him, but if his presence becomes an issue for them at any time in the future, they will throw him aside like the used-up rag doll he has become.

It is surreal even to write something like this about our country. How we got here is one question, but the more important question is how can we get back? Truth and morals must become a priority again, and open societal depravity cannot be accepted or tolerated. Biden will forever be remembered as the one who not only allowed this descent into hell but orchestrated it.

He’ll try to forget his role, but we must make him and his family remember every sordid thing he did. Happy flashbacks, Joe; your legacy of failure is secure even if you can’t remember it and those around you ignore it.