Friday, July 19, 2024

Joe And Jill Went Up The Hill …

To fetch a pail of brain cells. Joe fell down and rolled around as Jill came mushing after.

There are many people responsible for this Biden farce of a presidency. Outwardly, the MSM is near the top of the list, from lying about the COVID excuse for drop boxes to the flat-out refusal to acknowledge that the election in 2020 was manipulated and placed us in third-world territory.

The truth is not that hard to digest anymore. Biden was not “elected” president; he was “selected” by the far left that manipulated everything necessary to see that he was in place. This was necessary for the decline in our country to be orchestrated. For a one-world government to be brought into power, the strongest nation must crumble, and the globalists have enjoyed their four-year manipulation of the meat puppet named Joe Biden.

Equally stunning but also very revealing is the conservatives’ complacency. They should have railed against everything that the far-left radicals proposed at the top of their lungs. Instead, they tucked their tail between their legs and whimpered as they limped away. Why?

Now Biden’s limitations have been clearly exposed. His cognitive decline, which has been more than obvious for his entire term, has suddenly been laid bare. The question again is, why? The Democrats allowed this to happen. This was the earliest presidential debate in history. Did they need the extra time for their next ploy? Is all the handwringing that’s taking place just another act? Is all this merely another piece of the globalist puzzle?

Have enough infidels been allowed into the country to destroy Trump’s presidency? Will there be attack after attack to weaken the nation further, using Trump as a scapegoat? This way, their agenda would continue, but Trump and the conservative way would not be seen as a solution. Even though the opposite is true, it would be considered worse than far-left principles.

The button pusher inside the White House now appears to be Jill Biden herself. Jill is playing the role of persuader. She’s the one who appears to be trying to keep Mumbling Joe in the race. Is it real, or is Jill fulfilling another well-disguised role?

Think about it. Jill is supposedly telling Joe to hang in there while slamming those trying to convince him to drop out. This means either Jill really likes her cushy life and wants Joe to stay in the race even though he has no reason to be there, or this is another façade that the Democrats are playing out for some future move, and when everything plays out, Jill wants to come off as the supportive wife.

Personally, I believe that the far left is still manipulating circumstances. The woe is me; Joe is actually a dimwit, is all part of what’s coming next. The other question, besides what role is Jill playing, is what role are the Republicans playing?

Do they want Trump to win, and then will they work with him to restore the country, or are they part of setting him up and destroying the GOP and nation going forward?

It appears that the American people, and for that matter, all citizens of the world, have become nothing more than pawns. The fate of mankind will not be decided by fake party systems. It appears now that only a citizen uprising against all of government will eventually decide our fate.